Bollywood Actors' Top Sex Secrets Surely Change The Way You Think About Them

Leela Adwani |Apr 16, 2020

In an attempt to fulfill your curiosity towards Bollywood actors sex secrets, we have curated a list of some of the most shocking confessions made by our B-town celebs that are bound to make you go OMG!

Many celebrities are known for being private about their personal lives and of course, they are determined to always keep their sex life under wraps. Stars, just like many of us, don’t go around talking to strangers about such topics. However, once in a while they still let some secrets slip in an interaction with media or on social media. Well, no prize for guessing fans are also crazy about the topic of Bollywood actors sex secrets.

B-town celebs nowadays are bold, beautiful and glamorous in everything they do. They also tend to be more open to discussing their acting career and even some secrets in bed. Fans have also been inquisitive about their personal life be it the changes before and after entering the entertainment world or especially bedroom revelations.

Bollywood Actors Sex Secrets
Bollywood Actors Sex Secrets

Earlier, you would be likely to get a slap if you came and asked a star about their sex life. However, the present days, our Bollywood stars are more open-minded and some of them are even willing to spill some beans on this topic. Yes, we have to say gone are the days when celebrities kept mum when it comes to life off the camera. Throw awkward questions at them, they will manage to give you what’s all about.

Today, in an attempt to fulfill your curiosity towards Bollywood actors sex secrets, we have curated a list of some of the most shocking confessions made by our B-town celebs that are bound to make you go OMG!

Ranveer Singh

When it comes to the weird, outrageous or quirky things, it’s safe to say Ranveer Singh always tops the list. Yes, this time is no exception and little do we know that the Gully Boy actor and the household name of Bollywood lost his virginity at the age of 12.

Okay! We know that fact might leave you in shock but hang on there is another secret that is bound to make you more stunned. The actor revealed that he used to be a sex maniac before 26.

Bollywood Actors Sex Secrets 3
Birthday sex is the birthday gift for him

Wow, you might think that’s all. Sorry, but Ranveer Singh has a lot of things to discover, especially when it comes to the topic of Bollywood actors sex secrets. Ranveer once revealed that he always carries a condom in his wallet.

That’s enough to shock you but we also know another secret about this blue-eyed boy. The actor also shared that one of the best birthday gifts he could have is ‘birthday sex.”

Ranveer Singh And Deepika Padukone Romantic
Oh oh, should we be happy or worried for Deepika?

Salman Khan

Live a life king size and being one of the biggest names in the film industry, Salman Khan is an evergreen actor and always under the limelight. On the contrary with his glamorous professional life, Khan opts to keep his personal life low-key. However, in an episode in Karan Johar’s chat show Koffee With Karan, the actor brought the most candid sides of himself.

Bollywood Actors Sex Secrets 2
It's hard to believe but Salman Khan is a virgin

Yes, our superstar confirmed that he was a virgin. It would come as a big surprise with his “being a virgin” statement. Many may say that it’s just a joke or he was lying, but seeing the record of the no kiss, no sex scene clause in many of his films, we think that he could be?

Salman Khan is 54 years old now and he has no plan of getting married. Well, think about it!

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Ranbir Kapoor

Ranveer might find a partner in crime as his industry friend Ranbir Kapoor is also one of those who lost their virginity in their teenage. In an interview with a leading magazine, Ranbir spilled the beans that his first sexual experience took place when he was around 15 years old. He even regretted that he had made mistakes which supposed to be sexual encounters with others while in a relationship with Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone back then.

Bollywood Actors Sex Secrets 4
Ranbir Kapoor confessed he lost his virginity at the age of 15

Shahid Kapoor

This fact might go beyond your imagination, but on the Koffee With Karan’s couch again, the Kabir Singh actor Shahid Kapoor confessed that he was willing to give up his work for sex. Such a surprising revelation, isn’t it? His statement made us wonder how his wife Mira Rajput will react after hearing it. Is she surprised or happy by this mind-blowing fact as Shahid is always known to be a hard-working and busy bee of the film industry?

Shahid Kapoor 7 1
He was willing to give up his work for sex

Alia Bhatt

One of the Bollywood actress sex secrets is from Alia Bhatt. Touted as the Bollywood’s sweetheart, Alia has established a sweet image for herself. In an interview with a famous magazine, the actress who has an angel-like face was asked about her favorite sex position. It’s not wrong to say other than when they lost their virginity, favorite sex positions are also by far one of the most –discussed topics when it comes to Bollywood actors sex secrets.

Alia Bhatt reveals her favorite sex position

Yes, lady and gentlemen! Alia’s sex life is exactly like her personality and what she does with her movies. The award-winning starlet shared that she prefers the classic missionary as she is a simple person.

Arjun Kapoor

Another shocking sex revelation was by Arjun Kapoor. On the Koffee With Karan, (again) the actor expressed his opinion towards this topic and he affirmed that Sex is more important than love. That fulfills our curiosity about the reaction of his ladylove, Malaika Arora. What does she think about it?

Bollywood actors sex secrets
Arjun Kapoor: "Sex is more important than love"

Sonam Kapoor

And here we are, last in line, Bollywood drama queen, Sonam Kapoor who frequently finds herself at the center of controversies with her bizarre statements. The list of Bollywood actress sex secrets cannot be complete without mentioning her. In a podcast of Neha Dhupia, the actress stated that she hates her brother Hashvardhan’s women's taste and warns him to use protection.

Bollywood actors sex secrets
Controversial actress Sonam Kapoor

What do you think about Bollywood actors sex secrets? Let us know in the comment section below!

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