Masturbation At Home Keeps You Safe From Coronavirus Infection, Health Officials Recommend. 

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 30, 2020

As social-distancing is crucial, let’s make good use of your hands right now. Keep in mind that this is a healthy practice as long as you can control yourself.

This may sound weird in a certain way but it’s true, masturbation can prevent coronavirus and the precaution is highly recommended by health officials in New York. The fact that New York has become the nation’s hotspot of Coronavirus urges the city government to take action immediately.

Health officials in New York suggest that people should take masturbation as a way to stay safe while the coronavirus continues to spread all over the place. 

Masturbate Prevent Coronavirus 2
Masturbation can prevent coronavirus as it is a good way to improve your immune system

The coronavirus outbreak is showing no sign of slowing down with the number of new cases escalating every day. There is no answer for questions like “when will this outbreak end?” or “How long will it take for us to go back to our normal lives?”. The only thing we know right now is to try our best to curb the spread of this coronavirus by practicing social-distancing at home.

However, locking yourself indoors for a long time can lead to several mental health problems including stress, anxiety or depression. To prevent the possibilities of deviant behavior, technically you need to maintain activities that ease your stress level.     

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Masturbate Prevent Coronavirus
It is also an effective (and comfortable) way to relieve yourself from stress during the lockdown period

According to health experts, one of the most effective ways to reduce stress is masturbation. Sex may cross at the same time, however, sex requires more people than just you and that’s not what social-distancing about. Therefore, we can all agree that masturbation is the best option to help you stay away from mental problems during this pandemic. 

Masturbation Prevent Coronavirus 2
Masturbation can keep your mental and physical health at good condition

 In a tweet posted by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, masturbation appeared as a highly recommended solution to help you stay mentally and physically healthy. They also reminded people to avoid kissing because obviously it’s the most direct way of virus transmission. Masturbation, on the other hand, doesn’t spread COVID-19 as long as you keep your hands (and your sex toys) clean. Moreover, masturbation not only benefits your mental state but also strengthens your immune system enhances your sleep quality and eases tension. 

So, why waiting? Let’s make good use of your hands right now. There ain’t no need to feel guilty about masturbation. Keep in mind that this is a healthy practice as long as you can control yourself.

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