“Bala” Makers Clear The Air About Their Official Copyright Claims Without Any Plagiarisms

Ankita Chetana |Oct 24, 2019

Heading to the rumours that the “Bala” song named “Don’t Be Shy” copies the content of another one, the makers of the film have finally broken the silence about its copyright.

Bala’s copyright has been a topic for several weeks when from the poster to the song, the film meets the controversies of copying the content. Despite fans’ massive desires of watching Ayushmann Khurrana deliver another hit, they have been also fallen into the kingdom of suspicions.

While earlier, Ujda Chaman’s director raised his voice up about an official announcement from Bala’s copyright, the latest song of the movie Don’t Be Shy also stuck to the query of its true term. Dr Zeus didn’t stop shouting the makers of the film down for not asking him a credit to the song.


After Dr Zeus cried foul over the song on Twitter, the makers of the film broke their silence to shut up the rumours around Bala’s copyright. They released the official statement that:


bala's copyright for the song don't be shy

They continued their speech in defense of Bala’s copyright:


bala song don't be shy

Badshah also addressed the point of the controversy around the song and above all, fans still love the construction and performance of the Don’t Be Shy.


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