Sattyajit Gazmer turned down all Tanushree false allegations with strong evidence

Author |Oct 05, 2018

Sattyajit Gazmer, Associate Director of Chocolate throwing light on the entire Tanushree controversy, come up with detailed story.

Tanushree Dutta becomes the talk of the town since her shocking revelation called out the name of many Bollywood biggies, one of those was Vivek Agnihotri. As in her statement, she said that director Vivek Agnihotri demanded her to took off her clothes to give cues to co-star Irrfan Khan on the set of Chocolate in 2005.

Director Vivek Agnihotri, however, turned down all Tanushree Dutta accusation. In the most recent, Sattyajit Gazmer who directly involved as Associate Director took to his Facebook to share a completely different side of the story.

“I find the entire story wrong and nothing of the sort ever happened,” he firmly claimed.

In respect to his work, he promised: “I worship my work so I am just trying to present the truth and facts as they happened”

 "Choosing her for the cast because she was glamourous and photogenic”

According to Gazmer, Tanushree Dutta was chosen to replace the position of Bipasha Basu who withdrew from the project due to schedule conflict. At that, they quite concerned about Tanushree Dutta’s ability to work under pressure especially in coordination with big Bollywood star.

The assistant director then gained his boss confident by putting forward that Tanushree is Miss Universe India and she was photogenic. Even though she was known for her erratic personality but they finally decided to sign the contract with her. Moreover, she seems to be their only one choice because only Tanushree dates matched what they required.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tanushree dutta
The former Miss Universe India - Actress Tanushree Dutta

It was very difficult to work with Tanushree Dutta

When the set began, they realized a big problem while working with Tanushree. The former beauty at that time was just a beginner who first stepped in the Industry with little knowledge of camera or technical device. Although Vivek was kind to have his wife and other people trained Tanushree in personally but things didn’t seem went well.

“Even with 5 trained star, it was very difficult to shoot with Tanushree because she didn’t understand instructions and took many takes”

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Vivek Agnihotri
Director Vivek Agnihotri

Furthermore, other co-actor also lose their patience when they had to wait for the reshoot. Besides, at that time, Chocolate was equipped with the best technical device and a team of expertise in the field.

“Which clothes” did the director asked her to take off?

All over the media these days was Tanushree’s story about director required her to remove her clothes but Sattyajit Gazmer revealed more detail of the scene.

Because Tanushree scene was filmed under a water leakage from a pipe, so two lady assistants had a duty to give her bathrobe right after each take to keep her warm.

Therefore Tanushree did her rehearsals in the bathrobe and when the shoot began, they had to ask her to took off the bathrobe and changed to film costume for the shooting.

Given more detail, he said it was a pink colour dress on the song ‘Bheega bheega sa December hai’

Taking about Tanushree false allegations, Gazmer expressed: “Her claim is beyond my imagination because no one could ask her to strip on a set where 200 people are standing”.

Sattyajit Gazmer raised a question about Tanushree Dutta working attitude

About Tanushree working attitude, the assistant director unhappily shared that the actress had a very unprofessional working habit when she always disappeared in her car for long time. Previously, Chocolate team had to retake many scenes only for the actress which gave them more trouble.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tanushree dutta

Lastly, Sattyajit Gazmer concluded by saying he would give his best support to #metoo moment and on the side of justice.


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