Exclusive Interview With Sara Ali Khan, Talking openly About Her Life And How She Is Compared To Other Famous Stars.

AnhDP |Dec 05, 2018

Sara Ali Khan discussed tough questions about her life in an exclusive interview with Spotboye magazine, and the way she took those questions head-on only makes us love her more.

Confidence shined right off her glow, for everything of Sara Ali Khan is about class and elegance. Being a well-educated woman, Sara Ali Khan has an exact idea what she wants to pursue in life, whether it is self-achievement or inner happiness, and overall she understands deeply what it all means to her and her family which she never takes for granted. The interview was conducted at the set of a movie, Simmba in which she was a part of.

The talk covered many questions, ranging from her personal feelings in the past few days to the start of her career, to how she handled her family issues and how she was constantly compared to actress Janhvi Kapoor.

Sara Ali Khan was given a perfect launching pad with the movie Kadarnath, which went precisely as planned, thus making Simmba a great candidate for a Box Office hit. Sara said that her friends, Amrita and Saif have not seen Kadarnath since it was not finished, but they will watch it soon. Also on this matter, she opened up about how she was afraid of the movie Kadarnath on the verge of being cancelled before Ronnie Screwvala stepped up and took charge of the production. Such event, if were to happen, would drastically change the path of Sara Ali Khan’s career from the one as we know of.

At the beginning of her career, she was not in the shape of a movie star. Sara discussed the issue of her weight as well as how her brother picks on her from time to time on social media. Last but not least, Sara answered the question of how she balances her life with the relationship which she has with Kareena Kapoor and Taimur. She took it on her chin without any sign of fear or hesitation, further showing her utmost confidence going into this interview.


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