Akshay Kumar Of Bollywood Vs. Akshay Kumar Of London! Are The Bees Flying Around You?

Nalini Suri |Sep 20, 2019

You gotta know many things about Bollywood Khiladi Akshay Kumar but have you ever heard of his namesake actor from London to step his feet in “Inside Man: Most Wanted”.

Namesake seems to happen only amongst the people in the same country or international names but strangely, Akshay Kumar’s name has an exact copy in London.

Accidentally, Akshay from London is also an actor and is making his first step into the Hollywood world with the film Inside Man: Most Wanted.

akshay kumar hollywood

This coincidence came as a high confusion when the Hollywood film published its release date on September 24th. The buzz rose around as the cast assortment of the film appears a familiar name: Akshay Kumar but he is from a different place from India.

akshay kumar imdb

When you search on the Internet about the film, the results for photos that represent the name "Akshay Kumar" takes one from the Mission Mangal superstar. But don’t get fooled, just type the film on IMDB and you will see the right picture for the real actor.

Following the information from IMDB, the Hollywood actor who joined the cast of Inside Man: Most Wanted was born and grown up in the Eastern of London. The charm took him to the stage was when he was just 11 thanks to his mother’s caring about his ‘painfully shy’ characteristics. His nature forced his mother to apply his education in classes at a local school of the stage.

akshay kumar in Inside Man: Most Wanted

The young actor was first seen in Much Ado About Nothing in the role of Don John at the Shakespeare Schools’ Festival. Later he snapped a shoe in the glam world with a small character in the movie Unlocked (2017) featuring Orlando Bloom and Noomi Rapace.

akshay kumar in Inside Man: Most Wanted

His upcoming film titled Inside Man: Most Wanted is under MJ Bassett’s direction is set to go on floors. The film is about an NYPD hostage ambassador paring up with an agent of the federal place to save dozens of tourists as a hostage at the US Federal Reserve.

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