Akshay Kumar Gets Candid About Why His Son Aarav Doesn’t Like Cricket

Laavanya Hien |Jul 15, 2019

Recently, Akshay and his beloved son Aarav have been in the news in which while he is a big cricket fan, son Aarav Bhatia doesn’t like sport at all.

Akshay Kumar has been the talk of the town with a lot of successful film projects which did exceedingly well at the ticket run. Thanks to his exceptional performances and impressive acting skills, he always hit the headlines to become one of the Bollywood’s most-talked-about actor.

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Recently, Akshay and his son Aarav have been in the news as he is a big cricket fan, son Aarav Bhatia doesn’t like this kind of sport. Fans are keen on why Aarav hates cricket - just because his dad watches it frequently.

When it comes to the interest for cricket, Akshay used to go candid about his love for this kind of sport. Moreover, he also shared that the reason his son dislikes it was when he began to become a part of Star Sports Philips Hue Cricket Live.

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Akshay Kumar said in one statement that his son is not interested in cricket; however, his daughter named Nitara is really into it. She is now only 6, and she has a fancy for cricket. Aarav doesn’t like cricket just because he watches the sport frequently. Nonetheless, whenever he watches it, his daughter enjoys it too because she then gets an opportunity to see it with him. The actor also flaunted his nostalgy when he discussed it with the spinner Harbhajan Singh and former captain Sourav Ganguly.

In addition, Akshay Kumar also revealed that he played cricket in his school. It is usually for players to be chosen for their batting and bowling skills. However, he remembers that his fielding skills helped him to be taken into his school team. He added that people once said, “this boy is for fielding, he will run around and stop boundaries”.

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