Neither Of Akshay Kumar Son And Daughter Like Acting, See His Sharing!

Salena Harshini |May 14, 2020

Being among the most famous star of Indian film industry, Akshay Kumar definitely hopes his children would follow his Bollywood path. Unfortunately, both Akshay Kumar son and daughter turn to other hobbies.

Do you know who is Akshay Kumar son and Akshay Kumar daughter? How old are they and what do they like? If the answer is no, this post by Starbiz is for you.

Akshay Kumar son & His career choice

Akshay Kumar son is Aarav Kumar Bhatia, who is 18 years old now.

Akshay Kumar Son Style
The young man loves sporty street style.

Aarav Kumar Bhatia was born on 15 September in 2002, so he is a Virgo which means he probably loves to dig into inner soul rather than showoff talents in public.

Aarav is 1.83m tall and weighs 80 kg. He has black hair and blue eye color.

Akshay Kumar Son And Star Kids
How many star kids can you recognize in this picture?

Akshay Kumar son studied in Ecole Mondiale World School in Mumbai and later The United World College of South East Asia in Singapore.

You may get surprised to know that Aarav got the black belt in martial arts and he loves cooking. He likes writing stories as well, just like his mother Twinkle Khanna.

Akshay Kumar Son
Akshay Kumar will make his debut soon, but not in the Bollywood industry.

According to our reports, Akshay Kumar son will soon publish his first young adult novel. Fans are excited when hearing the news.

Sharing on Aarav’s tendency, Akshay Kumar said that he had no plans to launch the boy into Bollywood industry as Aarav should be free to choose his own dream to follow. Akshay Kumar feels happy whatever career path his son is into, as long as they can earn a respectful life.

Akshay Kumar Son Girlfriend
He was once spotted with a hot rumoured girlfriend in Mumbai.

However, Aarav couldn’t avoid some scandals. One of them was the time he was caught drunk in public with two friends. Both of them are also star kids, Nirvaan Khan (son of Sohail Khan) and Gabriel D’souza (son of Remo D’souza). The group was spotted at “The Korner House” in Khar.

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Akshay Kumar Son Drunk
The star kid group got drunk in public.

Akshay Kumar daughter Nitara Kumar

Unlike her big brother Aarav, Nitara Kumar seems to be more playful and extroverted.

Akshay Kumar Daughter Outside
Whenever Nitara is out, she melts the heart of Akshay Kumar fans.

Akshay Kumar daughter was born on 25 September in 2012, belonging to Libra zodiac sign. The 8-year-old girl possesses beautiful facial expressions from both papa Akshay Kumar and mama Twinkle Khanna.

Akshay Kumar Daughter
The little girl is playful and owns clever eyes.

According to her family, Nitara Kumar loves reading books and drawing. She was also guided to learn self-defence techniques as Akshay Kumar wants best security for her.

In the free time, Nitara wants to spend time with her friends, drawing or playing mini-games.

Akshay Kumar Family Out
Photo of Akshay Kumar family on a picnic.

The little girl shows a special liking for ghost stories, similar to her mother. The mother-daughter duo are also often seen together on movies dates. Nitara seems to be very attached to Twinkle Khanna as she made a special card for her on Mother’s Day. Take a look!

Nitara Kumar Card For Mother
Nitara made a special Mother Day card for Twinkle Khanna.

So, even when neither of Akshay Kumar son and Akshay Kumar daughter would follow his Bollywood career path, we feel happy for them when being raised by responsible and considerate parents. Twinkle Khanna has done a good job forming their reading habit - a habit of successful people while Akshay Kumar is always supportive whatever they choose.

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