Akshay Kumar Gets Backlashes For A Mistaken Like, #BoycottCanadianKumar Trends On Twitter

Aesha |Dec 17, 2019

Akshay Kumar reportedly liked a post on Twitter that backed up for Jamia Millia Islamia University atrocity. He has later responded to the slams.

After the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was announced by the Indian government on the 12th of December, the agitation in the nation started. The recent rebellion against CAA 2019 kicked off in Bengal and Assam last week and has spread to Uttar Pradesh and Delhi with Mumbai and Hyderabad colleges hosting peace walks. That policemen entering the Jamia Millia Islamia University and using force has led to open fire and violence.

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While Anurag Kashyap, Mahesh Bhatt and Konkona Sen Sharma have criticized the authorities for the fettle of the recent events, Bollywood top actor Akshay Kumar was embroiled in an altercation after the star reportedly pressed like a Twitter post mocking the repression towards Jamia Milia Islamia University’s students after they protested against the CAA.

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On another hand, Akshay later stated he had unintentionally liked the tweet which was captioned, "Badhai Ho... Jamia me Azaadi mili hai". This user had shared a footage of students bolting off from the police personnel.

Akshay Kumar cleared the mid air when the screen capture of his “like” went viral on social media,

After his reply, #BoycottCanadianKumar began to trend on Twitter and there has been a lot of criticism of his “approving” the tweet that supported police clampdown on students. A number of users trolled Akshay for it and claimed that Akshay bolstered the CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill) as “he will get Indian citizenship.”

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Amidst the backlashes he got, some still believed the incident was a mistake and hence made him involved in the allegation.

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Delhi police had got into Jamia Millia Islamia University where there was a protest objecting to the modified Citizenship Act and reportedly kindled tear gas to break the protest down. It left 40 people consisting of students, firemen, and policemen injured.


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