AICWA On Strike, Urges PM Narendra Modi To Ban Pakistani Artists

Imran Asif Fazal |Aug 10, 2019

All India Cine Workers Association(AICWA) has written a letter to PM Modi demanding ban on Pakistani artists, diplomats and bilateral relations with Pakistan and its people.

All India Cine Workers Association (AICWA) has gone on a nationwide strike to demand a ban on Pakistani artists, diplomats, and bilateral relations. The move comes in the wake when Article 370 has been scrapped by the Parliament of India.

Pakistan in response decided to shut their airspace for Indian agencies. This led to AICWA writing a letter to PM Narendra Modi for demands.

The letter states after scrapping Article 370 and 35 A which gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir, the Pakistani government decided to ban all releases of Indian cinema in their theatres. This led to a reaction from AICWA which started 'Say No To Pakistan' movement. The letter urges Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ban all bilateral relations with Pakistan. Moreover, it also instructs Indian filmmakers to disconnect all its ties with Pakistani artists, musicians, diplomats and other persons related to the film industry.

"Entire film industry and cine workers have refused to resume work, till there is a complete ban of Pakistani movie makers, artists, and trade partner," the statement read. "AICWA demands a complete No on Pakistani Artists, Diplomats & Bilateral Relations with Pakistan and its people, AICWA learns that after scrapping Article 370 and 35A, Pakistan has become vulnerable in feeding their perpetrators who were directly involved in provoking Kashmiris to create a non-cooperative movement against Indian government and policies," the statement read further.


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