Pakistan University Expels Couple After Public Proposal On Campus

Salena Harshini |Mar 16, 2021

University of Lahore, Pakistan, just expelled two students after their public proposal and hugging on the campus. The engaged couple refused to apologize.

On March 12, Lahore University in Pakistan decided to expel two practitioners after their public confession. The moment was in front of many students in the school.

The decision was made by the University of Lahore after a video stormed the Pakistani social network. It recorded the scene of two students hugging each other.

Pakistan Uni Expels Couple
The university expelled them after their public proposal.

Hugging and proposing made them expelled?

According to the Straits Times, the female student Hadiqa Javaid kneeled in the schoolyard while holding a bouquet of flowers to show affection for male student Shehryar Ahmad. Shehryar quickly grabbed the bouquet and pulled Hadiqa closer.

Immediately, the two gave each other a warm hug. A lot of students were there to celebrate them. When the couple was hugging, the crowd expressed their agreement and cheered. Both Hadiqa and Shehryar are identified to attend the University of Lahore.

Pakistan Couple Expeled After Proposal
They are now engaged but could not continue their studies.

However, this video seems not as fun to the University of Lahore managers.

In a statement, the Education Office of the University of Lahore stressed that Hadiqa and Shehryar had "serious infraction of the code of conduct". Therefore, the school announced to expel both of them. Lahore University also said on March 12, they held a special disciplinary hearing to review the discipline with two students. However, the two students did not show up.

How the couple reacted

For their part, Hadiqa and Shehryar refused to apologize for their public confession. "We did nothing wrong, and we are not sorry for this," Ms. Hadiqa Javaid shared on Twitter.

Pakistan Uni Expels Couple 2
They refused to apologize for the event.

Her now-fiancé Shehryar emphasized that they had proposed to each other before on the campus.

"Can anyone explain to us what wrong we did by (carrying out the) proposal in public in the University of Lahore?" 

The couple even said that after the video was released on social networks, they received a load of threats. In the country, openly expressing affection between men and women, whether they are married or not is considered "culturally and religiously unacceptable".

Pakistani Couple
Pakistani women have to face more criticism in the society that values men above women.

In addition, Pakistani women are more likely to suffer from prejudice and injustice than men. Typically, many Universities in Pakistan prohibit girls from wearing jeans or makeup. Some schools also have clear rules about the allowed interactions between boys and girls.

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