4 Times Fans Go Overboard With Their Love For The "National Crush" Kartik Aaryan

Mishka Saisha |Oct 16, 2019

Today we will bring to you 4 most popular moments that Kartik Aaryan was so nice to overboard actions of fans. Let’s check with us.

Kartik Aaryan has been touted as “National Crush” in the B-Town, thanks to his heartbreakingly good looks and impeccable acting talents. The actor has a huge fan group who has gone overboard with their love for him.

And with all respect, Kartik has taken it all and enjoyed every moment with them. Here are four moments he was so nice with the fans' overboard actions.

Smile When Being Photobombed

People might get angry if their photo is disturbed by others. But Kartik Aaryan did not react the same as when two fangirls photobombed him. Instead, he smiled for the shutterbugs without any annoyance. The photo then became viral after-hours uploading.

Kartik Aaryan

Adorable Reaction To A Young Fan

Kartik’s fan has called him as the latest heartthrob in Bollywood for many certain reasons. This video is one of the popular moments between the actor and fan that gives you an explanation for it.

The clip captured a young girl presenting a rose to Kartik at a store, and the handsome actor gladly received the flower with a happy smile on the face.

He also took a photo with the young fan and reposted the video after that with a cute caption “Moments like this. Sacha Pyaar!! Ye Rose Sambhaal ke rakha hai!!”.

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Being So Nice To Fan’s Crazy Actions

We might all know about this occasion when a fangirl going down on her knee and proposed to the star. Moreover, the girl was reportedly captured waiting outside Kartik’s house for days to express the love to her idol. Instead of being annoyed, the actor did his best to reciprocate the love by a strapping arm around the girl and pose photos with her.

Smile When Being Pulled Cheek

Last month, another clip of Kartik became popular on social media, and it was about the moment a fan pulled his cheek then ran off. This was not the first time he being chuckled by fans as he also had the same incident in shooting for Pati Patni Aur Woh.

But Kartik was very polite and took these unexpected overactions in a positive manner without throwing any tantrum. Maybe, it is the main reason for his name “National Crush.”

Kartik Aaryan

Even Kartik Aaryan is very nice to overboard kinds of stuff, fans need to pay more attention to their actions which might cause disturbance to others. Let’s stay calm and respect your idol. It is the thing a real fan should do.

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