Youtube, Netflix And More Are Reducing Their Video Quality, Here Is Why!

Salena Harshini |Mar 25, 2020

Netflix, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook are heading in the same direction as they have decided to reduce video definition for the stability of the Internet.

Youtube will now set all videos to standard quality for users worldwide, one step down from the common high quality that is normally seen.

This move is for the ease of strain on the internet frame because lockdowns, as well as other emergencies, are keeping myriads of people at home.

Youtube is among the first platform to make the video quality announcement

The global change was made known to the whole world on Tuesday and is expected to take place for about 30 days as people are working and studying from home due to coronavirus pandemic.

YouTube said in a statement that their move means they want "to do our part to minimize stress on the system during this unprecedented situation."

These changes follow EU officials’ call for individual users and streaming services to cut discard high definition footages to avoid the breaking of the internet. With a lot of nations being on lockdown to fight the widespread virus, children are out of schools and adults are working in distance, the officials were worried about the massive pressure on the internet.

Netflix is also doing the same in terms of lowering video quality

For the unversed, Netflix will also lower streaming quality in Europe for at least the upcoming month. Both companies shared that the quota will affect every video stream for 30 days.

This “enormous stress test” make even a number of the top tech platform struggle with bigger challenge in keeping the services up and running amidst increasing demand.

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, informed reporters that the platforms of the company are facing a mammoth jump in engagement as traffic patterns are surpassing what they ordinarily see around New Year’s days.

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Video quality reduction is also approved to apply on Facebook and Instagram

On the other hand, recently, Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri, said the service sees "a lot of usage, a lot of demand". On his Instagram Livestream, Mosseri also said that Instagram’s new feature called Stay Home, which is dedicated to displaying what IG users are doing from home, was too popular that it almost crashed Instagram within the opening hours.

With this policy concerning video quality and smoothness of the Internet, tech leaders are obviously trying their best to meet requirements of the users in the most appropriate way possible.


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