Vahbiz Dorabjee Denies Rumor Around Her Alimony Demand From Vivian D’Sena

Kanchana Ngan |Apr 30, 2019

Vahbiz Dorabjee has strongly responded to the news saying she demanded Rs 2 crore as alimony from Vivian D’Sena. See details of her post.

In 2017, television actress Vahbiz Dorabjee and ex-spouse Vivian D'Sena got divorced, leaving an allegation that she demanded the latter a significant sum of alimony, Rs 2 crore in detail. But not until recently she made an official statement, attracting the public's attention. In an Instagram post, she denied all the rumors and gave a piece of her thought

In the update, she showed annoyance when her privacy is significantly violated not only by acquaintance or people around but more frustratingly, even from the unknown who completely knows nothing about her. The actress asked for some respects, stating celebrities are also human that needs to be treated equally. "I choose to say NOOO, MY LIFE IS NOT A CIRCUS!", claimed Vahbiz.

Vahbiz Dorabjee then answered the allegations regarding her alimony requirement. After denying it, she raised a thought-provoking question, "How are you so sure?". That's true. How can reporters know about the amount of alimony when they're not allowed to attend the court? How reliable is what's called "sources" as neither of the involving parties has ever spoken a single thing about the issue? So are the reports worth trusting, or they're telling lies?

Vahbiz Dorabjee dismissed allegations around her alimony requirement from Vivian D'Sena.
Vahbiz Dorabjee dismissed allegations around her alimony requirement from Vivian D'Sena. (Source: Google)

The actress shared what made her most surprised is that many of such questions came from women themselves. She then wrapped up her confession by saying "I AM A WOMAN and I’m Going TO FIGHT FOR MY RIGHTS!!!!", expressing her explosive emotions as well as determination to face this matter. She also demanded, once again, everybody out there, both men and women, to stop bothering herself and her family.

The couple's love had blossomed on the sets of Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani movie, and then they tied the knot in 2013. After three years together, they were seen to be physically separated in 2016 and finally came to divorce during the next year.


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