Oops!!! TV Anchor Accidentally Calls Sunny Deol As Sunny Leone During Election Counting Coverage

Mina Muzumdar |May 23, 2019

During election counting coverage, a TV anchor called Sunny Leone instead of Sunny Deol by accident. The internet is now flooded with joke and memes.

Lok Sabha Elections is now the trending topic in all over media and social media platform. And the citizens are keeping on the edge of their seat to know their future leader of the country. The counting of votes has begun since this morning, however, a TV anchor accidentally called out the wrong name.

In detail, instead of calling out Sunny Deol, a potential candidate from Punjab who has the largest margin, he said "Sunny Leone".

The actress is all set for her Tollywood debut.

In response to the incident, Sunny hilariously tweeted: "Leading by How many votes????"

The incident is also inspiring the Internet to create hilarious memes and jokes. Check out all the Internet's reaction.
Talking about Sunny Deol, he is the enthusiastic supporter of PM Modi who put in a good word about him before, said:
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Meanwhile, the Bollywood star is gearing up for her Tollywood debut with film Veeramadevi and Malayalam film Rangeela. 


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