Taking Off Bra With One Hand Challenge, Beautiful YouTubers Criticized For Their Action

Ankita Chetana |May 28, 2020

Not many people are eager for 'taking off bra with one hand challenge' of these YouTubers. See what they did inside!

In Taiwan, the system of YouTuber has been developing in a diverse and professional way. Especially, the diversity of the system comes from various types of content in many channels formed in various manners and some are even bizarre. One of them is the latest weird content of taking off bra with one hand challenge from an emerging YouTuber.

Watch the full video as below:

He wasn't so famous until he became the eye of the netizens' storm when creating the challenge. He found some sexy girls and asked them to join taking off bra with one hand challenge.

taking off bra with one hand challenge
Hot girls took part in the weird challenge

For the first moment, the viewers were still shocked and wondered how the guy could gather these hot and beautiful girls together. But right after that, the video turned suddenly to the 'main content' of the challenge. It is not so special and well-prepared about the content, however, the video caught the mainstream and curiosity of fans. As a result, it immediately attracted millions of views after hitting social media for a short time.

taiwan challenge taking off bra with one hand
Most of the girls are excited and comfortable with the challenge
taking off bra with one hand challenge taiwan
They even dance to promote the YouTube channel

At the same time, the video of taking off bra with one hand challenge has drawn a lot of attention and mixed responses from netizens as well. Several of them criticized that the challenge was just ridiculous and aimed at attracting views and 'likes' from users through hot girls' appearance.

a guy join challenge of taking off bra with one hand
The key of the video is the hotness of the girls, not the challenge's content

On the other hand, some ideas show their protective points of view when saying that the video doesn't include any sensitive or preposterous content. For them, watching it or not depends on each person's interest so netizens shouldn't add so many criticisms.

How do you think about this taking off bra with one hand challenge?

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