Top 10 Most Liked Video On YouTube In India 2020

Salena Harshini |Jan 05, 2021

Who breaks the record of 2020 with the most liked Youtube video in India? See the final top 10 now!

As the popularity of celebrities these days almost always equals the attention they get online, the views and likes they gain for their products also attract a lot of talks. For now, we have compiled the list of most liked video on YouTube in India 2020.

It consists of artists of all kinds: Youtubers, singers, and rappers. See if your favorite celeb has made it to the list right now!

Highest Liked Youtube Videos In India 2020
Check out who has the most liked Youtube video in 2020 below!


  • 13 million likes

The famous Youtuber of India, Carry Minati or Ajey Nagar set social media on fire after releasing his rap track in June 2020. The young influencer hit back at those who made fun of him and targeted him on his controversy via this song.

Yalgaar has collected 13 million likes till now, topping the list of most liked video on YouTube in India 2020. The likes of this video equal to the dislikes of Sadak 2 trailer - the most disliked video on Youtube 2020 in India.

Through the song, he announced that he is passionate about what he does and will not give up easily. The song also answers those who made fun of Minati's controversy and asked him to change his ways.

2. Vaaste Song by Dhvani Bhanushali

  • 8.6 million likes

The second-place of the top 10 highest liked video on Youtube in India belongs to Dhvani Bhanushali’s Vaaste song with 8.6 million likes and nearly 1.1 billion views. The song is the story of an unrequited love where a girl falls for a buy but he refused to see the opportunity in front of his eyes. But in the end, she can finally find the man of her dream.

The Hindi song is definitely one of the most sought-after works on the Indian Internet for its catchy rhythm and vibrant visual treats.

3. Stop Making Assumptions | YouTube vs TikTok: The End by CarryMinati

  • 8.5 million likes

The third Youtube most liked video in India 2020 also belongs to CarryMinati with more than 10 million likes. However, it was taken down as the authorities claimed it didn’t obey “Terms and Conditions”.

This video is also named as the fastest video to hit 10 million likes in India. Now that it is re-uploaded, it has 8.5 million thumbs up as of now. For the unknown, it claimed its title as most liked video on YouTube in India 2020 within two days of release.

CarryMinati net worth and income are also the most impressive figures you can find.

4. Lehanga feat Jass Manak & Mahira Sharma

  • 7.8 million likes

Lehenga, securing the fourth spot in our most liked video on YouTube in India 2020 list, was a global hit in the mid-2019. And until now, it still remains among the most viral ones with 7.8 million likes.

Its high rank is understandable as all girls may drool over the hot “Munda” Jass Manak. His attractive look along with the mesmerizing visuals and groovy beats impressed over 1 billion glances.

5. Filhall ft. Akshay Kumar & Nupur Sanon

  • 7.4 million likes

The heartfelt track that can make anyone tear up stands on the top for around six months before being dethroned by Yagaar. The beautiful track featured the voice of Punjabi crooner BPraak.

Owning a whopping 922 million views at the moment, it also collects 7.4 million likes. It also features actor Akshay Kumar and Nupur Sanon in the viral video.

Filhall tells the tale of the unconditional and self-less love that is yet complete. It is the most liked video on YouTube in India 2020 for a certain reason.

6. Satisfya – Imran Khan

  • 6.4 million likes

The man who is able to change the whole of India’s club scenes with his evolutionary music also has an international hit. The 2013 video by Imran Khan stands at 6th rank after 7 years of release. Its like number is also impressive with 6.4 million clicks count.

The song is favored by many international stars and is the Youtube most liked video in India 2020. Written, sung, and produced by Imran Khan himself, the track has had nearly 545 million views.

7. हम्प्टी ट्रैन और उसके फल दोस्तों से मिलिए | Humpty the train on a fruits ride | Kiddiestv Hindi

  • 6 million likes

With a whopping view count of 2.2 billion at the moment, the nursery rhythm also garners a stunning number of likes from the audience. Posted by KiddiesTV Hindi, the video teaches kids to learn the alphabet.

It collects 6 million likes for the catchy tunes and the lesson that many kids find useful. The Humpty song has bypassed a lot of famous songs to secure the seventh rank in the list.

Meanwhile, the similar nursery song Learn colors from Russia is among the most viewed Youtube videos in the world.

8. Mile Ho Tum – Reprise Version | Neha Kakkar | Tony Kakkar

  • 5.8 million likes

Mile Ho Tum Humko is the most romantic track in 2016 and also among the most liked video on Youtube in India 2020. The song can touch everybody’s heart and manange to give chills even until now.

The track which features Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar is a reprise version. Although the vocals and music are a bit modified from the original, Mile Ho Tum is still a successful work. It has made nearly 1 billion people smile.

9. Genda Phool – Badshah & Payal Dev featuring Jacqueline Fernandez

  • 5.4 million likes

Genda Phool is a traditional folk number with a modern spin. Badshah executes his rap as always while Payal Dev sings wholeheartedly. Moreover, Jacqueline Fernandez, one of the most desirable women in India 2020, also steals breaths with her charm.

The MV was out amid the first lockdown. With time to come, the track will definitely surpass 5.4 million likes and climb higher in the list of most liked video on YouTube in India 2020.

10. Arijit Singh: Pachtaoge | Vicky Kaushal, Nora Fatehi

  • 4.6 million likes

The tenth most liked video on youtube in India 2020 is Nora Fatehi and Vicky Kaushal's starrer Pachtaoge. The song is a truly big hit as it created a storm ever since the trailer.

Arjit Singh succeeded in mesmerizing the viewers with his soothing voice. Meanwhile, the heartbreaking on-screen love story of Nora and Vicky also left a big impact.

Portraying the highest form of love, the song has gained 4.6 million likes until the beginning of 2021. Pachtaoge’s composer is BPraak who has credited to a lot of famous tracks like O Saki Saki, Dil Tod Ke. Filhall, the honor third place in this list, is also composed by BPraak.

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