Shocking News: Meghna Naidu Has Secretly Got Married For 2 Years!

Rena Quynh |Apr 13, 2019

Shocking news than ever, Meghna Naidu Of "Kaliyon Ka Chaman" Fame has got married for 2 years already!

When Kaliyon Ka Chaman ruled the roost every corner in India, Meghna Naidu was the most sought after features in the video. Later on, she was invited to play in some movies such as Mashooka and Rain: The terror within, Hawas but unluckily there was a string of flops.

Meghna Naidu In Kaliyon Ka Chaman
Meghna Naidu in Kaliyon Ka Chaman (photo credit:

For a while, there had been no sign of her, but now she returns and catches everyone off guard as she dropped a bombshell on Instagram disclosing that she officially ended her single state two years ago. It looks like Meghna Naidu is on the way back to her heyday again credit to her private life.

Meghna Naidu And Husband
Meghna Naidu and her husband (photo credit:

Meghna Naidu shows deep gratitude and cannot say enough thanks to her friends who respect and keep her privacy under their hat. She also writes for people who are on the tip-toe with curiosity, “Here is some news for you !!! I couldn’t have asked for a better life partner, best friend, soul mate… Luis Miguel Reis I am blessed to have you in my life and Thank You for making this beautiful journey of almost 8 years so amazing!”.

Meghna Naidu dated Louis (her current husband) for a while, then they decided to split as Meghna said: "He must have thought that I was too young and maybe, unsure about the relationship." Louis is ten years older than Meghna.


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