Sara Gurpal’s Ex-Husband Felt He Was Used By Her: She Couldn't See Anything But Fame

Hanima Anand |Oct 13, 2020

It seems Sara Gurpal is facing a tough time when she was just kicked out of Bigg Boss 14 after her ex-husband suddenly stepped out to report their previous marriage.

In the latest Bigg Boss 14 episode, the seniors decided to call Sara Gurpal as the name to be evicted though she received only one nomination. This came after her scandal recently with her ex-husband named Tushar Kumar.

Sara Gurpal 0
The Punjabi model and actress is the first one to be evicted from Bigg Boss 14.

Things started when Tushar Kumar who was born in the US saw Sara Gurpal on Bigg Boss 14. He immediately spoke up, claiming they were married in 2014. The man even showed their marriage certificate and romantic photos of the two.

After that, some reporters have reached Tushar Kumar for further information. And here’s what they got from Sara Gurpal’s ex-husband.

Sara Gurpal Ex Husband
Sara is claimed to lie about her marital status to get into the house.

According to Tushar, he met and dated Sara Gurpal in early 2014. They decided to get married in the same year as they both felt the love towards each other. Tushar said at the time they got married, no one knew who Sara Gurpal was, even though she had appeared in some Punjabi music videos. Usually, people just care about the singer but not the model in the video.

Sara Gurpal 1
When she got married to Tukash in 2014, she was not popular.

Shortly after Sara Gurpal’s wedding in the US, she was upset because she couldn’t find a suitable work there. Tushar didn’t want to see her sad, so he sent her back to India to develop her own career. It’s time when Tushar realized Sara Gurpal opted for spotlights instead of a stable low-profile life.

Sara Gurpal 2
Sara is not her real name but just a nickname in college.

During the time Sara was in India, Tukash kept in touch with her bodyguard who accompanied her in shoots or public events. The man even advised Tukash to come to India and see what Sara Gurpal was doing. Even the bodyguards knew she was not doing things right.

Sara Gurpal 3
Sara Gurpal's ex-husband thinks she is blinded by her success.

As Tukash Kumar was in love with his wife, he didn’t realize anything wrong in their marriage. It’s not until their breakup that he felt he was used by her for the whole time. He shared that when their marriage was about to end, Sara didn’t show any sign of getting back. The only thing she could see at that moment was her success in the entertainment industry. That’s when Tukash knew he couldn’t keep her.

Sara Gurpal 4
Even her bodyguard felt she was not doing the right things then.

In the interview with the press, Tukash also revealed more facts about the sexy Bigg Boss 14 contestant. He let us know that Sara Gurpal is not her real name but Rachna Devi. Sara is her nickname during the college time, so she keeps it till date.

Sara Gurpal 5
Sara ignored the scandal and continued her chosen path.

When being asked about his feelings about her now, Sara Gurpal ex-husband said both of them were over then. He could even confront her if the show invited him as a guest. Having said that, he knows it’s not good for either him or Sara Gurpal.

Sara Gurpal 6
She may lie about her marriage but her beauty is true.

Sara Gurpal was born on November 19, 1991 in a middle-class family in Haryana. She is 29 years old now. Sara is working as a model, singer, and actress. Her first success was the Punjabi music video ‘Jean’ in 2014. In 2020, she rose to nationwide recognition for attending Bigg Boss 14 but right when the first show was broadcast, her ex-husband came out to report their marriage in 2014.

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