Guess Who Was Rahul Vaidya Girlfriend? It’s Syesha Kapoor, Daughter Of Alka Yagnik!

Hanima Anand |Oct 05, 2020

The darling daughter of Indian singer Alka Yagnik reportedly used to date Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rahul Vaidya before Syesha got engaged to Amit Desai.

Rahul Vaidya has become a household name after joining Indian Idol but now he is rising to another level of popularity when participating Bigg Boss 14. Amid his face-off with Nikki, people are wondering who is Rahul Vaidya girlfriend and we got the answer.

Rahul Vaidya And Nikki Tamboli
Nikki Tamboli refused to kiss Rahul's cheek, revealing that they knew each other.

Syesha Kapoor, once-rumored Rahul Vaidya girlfriend

In fact, Rahul Vaidya is not dating anyone. He hardly shares about his relationship either and it seems the Indian singer tries to keep girls around him just friends. However, there’s one time he’s very close to a girl. The Bigg Boss 14 contestant is rumoured to have dated Alka Yagnik’s daughter, Syesha Kapoor.

Rahul Vaidya and Syesha Kapoor were gossiped that they dated each other for a while in 2017. The couple were often spotted eating out together at Boveda Bistro in Mumbai. This is also the restaurant of Syesha.

Syesha Kapoor Photo
Syesha owns a restaurant in Mumbai where Rahul often came to eat.

However, Rahul didn’t admit his relationship with Syesha. He said they were close friends and no romance were taking place for sure. He followed a strict diet and Syesha had a restaurant so she asked him to come. That’s why the two regularly met at her restaurant.

The Bigg Boss 14 contestant insisted that Syesha was a nice girl and they were just close to each other. However, Rahul hardly came to Syesha's restaurant after she got engaged.

Syesha Kapoor family
Syesha Kapoor is now enjoying a happy life beside her husband Amit Desai.

Talking about Syesha Kapoor, she has married Amit Desai for several years. Syesha and Amit wedding took place in December 2018, one year after her engagement in 2017.

If Syesha Kapoor had been Rahul Vaidya girlfriend in 2017 as rumoured, they hadn’t been with each other for long because Syesha and Amit Desai already engaged at the end of that year.

About Rahul Vaidya

Rahul Krushna Vaidya was born on September 23 in 1987 in a well-off family in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Rahul studied at Hansraj Moraji Public School in Mumbai before pursuing his bachelor degree at Mithibai College.

Rahul Vaidya 1
Rahul first rose to the spotlight when attending Indian Idol season 1.

Rahul Krushna’s father is a distinguished engineer at Maharashtra State Electricity Board while his mother is a housewife. Rahul has one sister named Natasha Vaidya.

Interested in singing at an early age, Rahul learned music and took part in various competitions when he was a child. His mentor was Himanshu Manocha.

Rahul Vaidya 2
The singer loves sporty outfits and this neon hoodie fits him perfectly.

The singer made his TV debut in 20014 when joining the Indian Idol season 1. However, it’s not until 2005 that he had his first music album Rera Intezaar.

Rahul Vaidya And Mehreen Pirzada
He often posts photo with model Mehreen Pirzada, is there something between them?

Though he already acquired a net worth of Rs. 56.8 crore along with a huge fan base on social media, Rahul Vaidya continues to seek more titles for himself. This year, his name one more time rises to fame with Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss 14.

Rahul Vaidya And Ms Dhoni
Rahul Vaidya loves playing cricket. He's a fan of MS. Dhoni.

Currently, there is no Rahul Vaidya girlfriend. The singer also affirms he is single. That is such a relief for many girls who adore this Indian Idol. However, they must be quick as he might not be a single man anymore after attending Bigg Boss 14, especially when he often poses with some of his female 'close' friends on Instagram.

Here’s Rahul Vaidya’s Instagram so you can catch up with his daily activities. Should there be anyone called Rahul Vaidya girlfriend, you can also update on his official social handle.

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