Mother Of Madhurima Tuli Condemns Her Daughter's Violent Act

Imran Asif Fazal |Jan 17, 2020

Actress Madhruima Tuli assaulted her former flame with a cooking pan on national television leading to a wide outrage.

Bigg Boss 13 became a house of war after television actress Madhurima Tuli assaulted her former flame Vishal Singh on the show. The verbal fight soon turned into a full-fledged assault after Madhurima Tuli used a cooking pan to hit Vishal Singh on national television. This led to severe criticism on the internet and after the incident Bigg Boss ordered both contestants to stay inside a cage. They have been barred from doing activities inside the house. Vijaya Tuli, mother of Madhruima Tuli condemned her daughter's act and said that she should have hit her instead of Vishal.


In a conversation with a leading newspaper, Vijaya Tuli, said that Madhurima was not comfortable for joining the show but she managed to convince her. She claimed that her daughter was deeply in love with Vishal and their break up was a brutal turn of events for her. She was not able to come over the break up and this was the reason she acted in such way. However, she maintained that Vishal should have not insulted her repeatedly on the show. Vishal has repeatedly insulted Madhurima Tuli by insulting her by saying that she was on the show because of him and she has grown old. Vijaya Tuli also said that makers of the show had approached her to enter the house and resolve issues between her daughter and Vishal. But it was cancelled later when the assault incident took place.

Madhurima Tuli

She also said that whatever punishment has been given by Bigg Boss is accepted by her. She wants both of them to maintain distance in the show and focus on playing the game instead. She said that her heart broke after seeing her daughter and Vishal living inside the cage. Both should have thought twice before indulging into such act. They should keep in mind that their parents are watching the show outside i am sure that Vishal's mother would be hurt too. She was not able to believe that Madhurima indulged into such act on national television show.


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