Money Heist Theories | All Possible Scenarios Likely To Happen In The Next Seasons

Leela Adwani |Apr 16, 2020

Here is all we know about Money Heist theories! Read on!

Spoiler Alert! The article might contain spoilers from the last season. If you haven’t watched Money Heist part 4 yet, watch it before reading this article. If you don’t mind, read on!

Season 4 of the obsessive cat-and-mouse crime series Money Heist has kept the audiences on the edge of their seats since it was out at the beginning of April 2020. While the Netflix fans were all expecting that the heist at the National Bank of Spain will be completed at the end of season 4, the finale eventually left all of us thrilled and have to wait for more. It’s understandable when Money Heist theories are doing the rounds on the Internet.

Money Heist Theories 7
Money Heist Theories

While we’re waiting several months to discover the continuation of the upcoming seasons, a lot of predictions based on the details spotted in the last episodes have been blossoming among the fan communities. The next developments are discussed right, left and center on social media.

If you have watched season 4, you would know where we are standing now. With the demise of Nairobi, Lisbon’s reunion with the thieves gang at the bank, and Inspector Alicia Sierra finally finding the Professor’s shelter, yes, the series has become more breathtaking and interesting than ever.

Even though Netflix is yet to announce the release date of season 5, fans have come up with several theories and here are some of the most convincing ones.

Inspector Alicia will change her side and join the gang

The last sequence of season 4 shows Alicia finally locates the Professor. While basking in the happiness as his ladylove Lisbon could meet the heist team at the bank, Alicia suddenly shows up and puts a gun to his head.

Money Heist Theories 2
Inspector and the Professor

However, speculations are rife that she is likely to join Professor in order to take an act of revenge on the police team who forced her to take all the responsibilities in front of the media.

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Alicia Sierra’s husband is Berlin

One of the Money Heist theories is the can-be relationship between Berlin and the inspector’s late husband. As we all know that Berlin had a mysterious disease while Alicia also reveals that her husband died of Cancer. Especially her husband’s name is German and fans found it relevant to Berlin which is the capital city of this country.

Money Heist Theories 4
Berlin is believed to be the husband of Alicia

Not just this one detail made fans notice is that Alicia also told Raquel that her husband’s last words were “Turn on the news.”

All of this made fans believe in the connection between Berlin and Alicia.

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Alicia Sierra and Berlin’s wife Tatiana are actually the same and Paris is her code name

In the previous seasons, Berlin disclosed that there was no secret between him and his ladylove, Tatiana. She is also the only person who knew everything about the heists other than the Professor and Berlin. Fans are now speculating that Alicia and Tatiana are just one.

Money Heist Theories 3
They look like the same

Fans also see Sierra is pretty like Tatiana from the skin tone, hair color, and hairdo. They share a lot of in common when it comes to the physical resemblance. They explained that Berlin’s wedding took place five years before the heist at the bank and the inspector could be the older version of Tatiana.

Berlin is still alive and he will return in season 5

The Money Heist theories also have it that Berlin might be wearing a vest at the moment he was shot by the police. Meanwhile, others said that Berlin was saved by the hostage who is his supporter during the gun battle.

Berlin Money Heist
Berlin is not dead, please!

Also, in season three and four, there are many flashbacks of Berlin and all of these lead to a possibility that Belin might be alive.

Gandia is not dead

Even though most of us are relatively furious when seeing that Gandia executed our Nairobi, many think that he is still alive.  Meanwhile, another reason is also believed that letting Gandia be alive is one of the plans of the Professor. He will turn out to be a key element for their escape from the Bank of Spain.

Money Heist Theories 5

The team will escape from the Bank of Spain’s main door

In season 1 and 2, we see they dig a tunnel for the escape. However this time, there is no tunnel so fans suppose that the only way to escape is through the main door. According to a theory from a user on Reddit, the gang will throw the gold granules into the sky in order to create chaos in public like the way they kicked off the heist so that they can escape by wearing Dali masks.

Money Heist Theories 6
The main door

The baby bump of Alicia Sierra is fake

Some fans believe that the Inspector isn’t expecting and she is just faking her pregnancy. The reason behind is that she is doing this to gain sympathy.

Money Heist Theories 8
She isn't pregnant

Tokyo is the last gang member alive at the end

One of the Money Heist theories is currently cooking up a storm of controversies is that all members of the gang will die but Tokyo. Yes, not Professor, not anyone else, Tokyo is the last one. Due to the fact that the entire series is narrated by Tokyo only and that makes fans think about that scenario.

Money Heist Theories 9

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They believe that she will be the one who survived all the heists and she is just narrating while in jail or in torture chambers.

Above are all the interesting predictions for what’s coming next in the upcoming seasons of the Spanish series. They might turn out to be true or not as the makers haven’t dropped any more hints about the next developments of the show, so they are just our speculations. It’s also the best way that helps us go through the dark months without the Professor and his gang.

Money Heist Theories 10
The Professor has a plan for you!

What do you think about such Money Heist theories? What are your predictions? Let us know in the comment section below!


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