Netflix Money Heist Season 4 Ending Explained: What Will Going On After Nairobi's Death

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 04, 2020

Netflix crime drama series Money Heist season 4 has come to its end leaving fans devastated with Nairobi's death. What is the meaning behind the ending and what's going to happen in the next season, scroll down for the answers!

After being on-aired, the finale episode of Netflix Spain series Money Heist Season 5 (also known as La Casa De Pandel) took the netizen by storm with its unpredictable ending. While fans are all range of the crime drama series, here is the Money Heist Season 4 ending explanation for you to grab.

Money Heist Ending Explanation Nairobi Death
What will going on after Nairobi dies in the finale of Money Heist Season 4?

Nairobi to die in Money Heist 4

Fans were thrilled to see Nairobi survive the gunshot in the previous part of the series without any doctors. In fact, it was Tokyo who called a Pakistani doctor and removed the bullet in her lung under the instruction. However, in an u-turn plot twist, fans were left speechless seeing Nairobi being shot by one of the bank security who was trying to escape. 

It was the most devastating ending that no one could imagine. Money Heist without Nairobi, seriously? The only possibility fans could come up with is the series will start revolving around Tokyo recalling the story inside the prison. Check out fans' reaction on Nairobi's death:

Money Heist Ending Explanation Nairobi Death 8 Money Heist Ending Explanation Nairobi Death 7 Money Heist Ending Explanation Nairobi Death 6

Money Heist Season 4 ending explanation

For the unversed, before the tragedy, the group got stuck inside the Bank of Spain attempting to take away 90 tons of gold bars and save their friend Rio from the prison. 

At that time, Lisbon and the Professor who are on their run have to split away but Lisbon was unable to escape. She is captured by the police while the professor thought that she committed suicide for ‘self-defense’. However, the professor later realized that it was a police trick that Lisbon had died. He filed a rescue plan but it was complicated that Lisbon was moved from the court to the bank. At the bank, she meets Nairobi and Tokyo and decides to join the squad. 

Money Heist Ending Explanation Nairobi Death 19
Will Tokyo the next narrator in the next season of Money Heist?

Money Heist Season 4 ended with the scene of Alicia Sierra pointing her gun against the Professor which makes fans confused about what will be going on in the next season. However, most of them suppose that Tokyo, who will be seen in prison, will be the next narrator. According to fan theories, Berlin is likely to be alive and his wife, Paris is none other than Alicia Sierra, who is in the heist. 

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