Miserable Life Of "Game Of Thrones" Background Actors: No Money, No Respect

Mina Muzumdar |Mar 19, 2019

From soldiers, tradesmen, White Walker, Westeros residents, they are called Game of Thrones “Extras”. Some even have engaged with the show for many years.

HBO series Game of Thrones has swept the globe like wildfire in many years as television’s most popular show and has thrilled audiences all around the world. But as a TV series’ fans, little would know about what so-called ‘Game of Thrones extras’.

In a recent document, the producer has revealed more about Game of Thrones background actors who we would never pay attention to them. First of all, there is a must-follow rule for all of this anonymous actor, they are not allowed to interact with the media.

According to David Benioff, they played various roles such as soldiers, White Walker, tradespeople or Westeros residents. Secondly, they are always the first to arrive on the set and maybe the last to leave. Reportedly, they earn around $100 per day.


"Obviously they're called 'extras' so there's not a whole lot of money or respect that comes with that job," David Benioff said.


The showrunner then gives more detail about these actors incredibly difficult jobs but very important for the set. As Benioff let slipped, many guys keep long hair or beards purely for the series.



However, showrunner Dan Weiss told ew.com that Extras could destroy a scene if the producer doesn’t give the respect and attention they deserve. Furthermore, many scenes require an extra effort to put in, for instance, The Battle of the Bastards episode require these background actors spent all day in a 20-feet-high body pile and intermingled with bloody mock corpses.

A few celebrities were seen in Game of Thrones as background actors such as Coldplay drummer Will Champion in The Red Wedding episode or Gary Lightbody in the role of a soldier in season three.


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