"Karan, Zoya, Anurag, Dibakar Open To Ideas", Says "Ghost Stories" Producer

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Oct 28, 2019

'Presently I realize that everybody has an alternate style of shooting and they take shots at their own pace',says Ashi

Producer Ashi Dua says having producers like Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap, and Dibakar Banerjee direct repulsiveness stories was an energizing ride.

The treasury film Ghost Stories will be the third in the arrangement for Ashi, who recently upheld the producers' Bombay Talkies and Lust Stories.

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"We are energized for Ghost Stories. There'll be four altogether different phantom ghost stories. The ghost is so extraordinary for every movie producer. For certain individuals, ghastliness stories are the shouting yelling kind, for some, it's in the spine chiller viewpoint, it's unpretentious or superstitious.


It'll have four extraordinary interpretation of phantoms, some even comic. It'll be these four movie producers take on how they see phantom and the narratives they need to tell," Ashi told PTI.

The maker said making a treasury around apparitions happened when they were advancing Lust Stories and every one of the four executives was "frightened and energized simultaneously."

"They're investigating a class which is different from them. They're somewhat apprehensive and energized as are we to perceive what they've done. As a crowd of people, I'm certain it'll be energizing to watch Karan Johar doing a thriller or a Zoya doing one. So this is energizing for the group of spectators just as the movie producers," she included.

All the four movie producers have a place with an alternate stream of film and Ashi said uniting them for the third time was a natural procedure as their bond has fortified throughout the years.

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"We are all in a state of harmony with one another. Throughout the years when you're doing likewise over and over, you see each other's mentalities. Prior I'd alarm about courses of events or individuals not conveying.

"Presently I realize that everybody has an alternate style of shooting and they take shots at their own pace. Presently I don't freeze how I used to before. You, in the long run, get the drill." She said having the four business mammoths together in one room resembles being in a film school.

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"Each of the four movie producers is companions and that makes a difference. They are available to one another's thoughts, ideas and are so community-oriented. They continue pushing one another. At the point when we see the four movies together to choose which film ought to be first, second, third, fourth, they are so pleased about it.

"I incline that I'm in film school since they're all so unique concerning one another, I adapt so a lot of when I'm around them".


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