Top 5 Most Haunted Places In Bangalore That Record Eerie Incidents Till Date

Hanima Anand |Jan 09, 2021

This post is not for the faint-hearted but you may want to have a glimpse to avoid visiting these most haunted places in Bangalore alone. See the list!

There are many reasons why these spots rank top most haunted places in Bangalore. From long-time myths that are associated with their names to recent mysterious occurrences, you won’t want to read them all before visiting these destinations.

If you plan to drop by these top 5 haunted places in Bangalore, make sure you get someone to go with you, in broad daylight for sure.

1. The Kalpalli Cemetery

Address: Kathalipalya, Sarvagnanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka

This notorious cemetery deserves the first spot in this creepy list. It’s not an exaggeration to say Kalpalli Cemetery is literally the most haunted place in Bangalore given the number of corpses here.

However, more than just dead bodies lying underground, Kalpalli Cemetery has shown much more to its passers-by for years.

The Kalpalli Cemetery Most Haunted Place In Bangal
The Kalpalli cemetery is an ideal place for either adventurers or spirits.

While some residents near the Old Madras Road where the cemetery is located report the scene of a man wandering near the graves at night, many others affirm they saw paranormal activities at the place.

What’s more horrifying is that some people have tried to approach the man they spotted near the graves but he disappeared completely. That’s not to mention the heavy atmosphere and a feeling of eyes behind you while visiting the cemetery. Even the guards here don’t dare to check on the graves after sunset.

If you don’t believe us, pay a visit to this most haunted place in Bangalore and check on your own!

2. National Highway 4

Address: Mumbai-Bangalore-Chennai highway

Tons of incidents could emerge while you’re on road, especially such a highway as NH4. Like many other haunted places in Bangalore, National Highway 4 sometimes records the appearance of spirits who try to tease living people.

Nh4 Most Haunted Road In Bangalore
NH4 is among the most haunted roads in India too.

Many drivers on this road told that they saw a pretty girl asking for a lift but once she got on the vehicle, she disappeared. The playful soul even turned up the second time to laugh at the confused drivers.

Due to this eerie story, people often avoid giving lifts on NH4. However, we believe if you see someone who needs help, lending a hand should always be encouraged.

3. Victoria Hospital

Address: City Market, Fort Road, Bangalore, Karnataka

A common feature of most haunted places in Bangalore is they are all related to deaths. It’s understandable why Victoria Hospital ranks in this list when it has accommodated various patients who didn’t make it in the end.

Victoria Hospital Most Haunted Place In Bangalore
Many people believe Victoria Hospital is haunted by a woman spirit who died there.

A number of strange incidents have been reported in Victoria Hospital buildings. Some believe a woman who died here haunted the place. Her spirit was allegedly seen several times near the hospital morgue. Meanwhile, many people said they saw a white spirit lurking in the trees and crying around the building.

Another inexplicable occurrence is that the hospital staff often report the disappearance of food packets. The ghost is believed to not intend to harm people though.

4. Terra Vera

Address: St. Marks Road, Bangalore, Karnataka

Terra Vera is definitely the most haunted house in Bangalore since 2002. The building turned into a creepy place after the horrendous incident that took place nearly 2 decades ago.

Terra Vera Most Haunted House In Bangalore
There are many valuables left here but no one dares to steal them from Dolce.

Terra Vera was built by an Anglo-Indian lawyer named EJ Vaz as a gift to his two spinster daughters Vera and Dolce Vaz. Vera taught English while Dolce taught piano. They lived in the house together till the tragic night in 2002.

At that time, Dolce was 75 years old and Vera was already 80. In the middle of the night, Vera heard Dolce screaming for help. When she got out of her room, she saw her younger sister murdered by a youth but she couldn’t do anything other than screaming. Dolce was then buried in the house while Vera moved out to a safer location.

In 2014, the house was demolished, which might enraged the soul inside it. However, many people continued to check in at the place. They reported hearing screams or seeing a face on the windows. Some suddenly feel colder in certain rooms while several heard the sound of a piano from nowhere.

5. Kempegowda International Airport

Address: Devanahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka

Kempegowda or Bangalore International Airport belongs to Bengaluru International Airport Limited or BIAL. It’s opened in 2008 and currently the third-busiest airport by passenger traffic in India.

Kempegowda International Airport Most Haunted Plac
Behind its glamorous look is a series of myths unsolved. Photo: The Heebee

Modern and busy as it may seem, Kempegowda International Airport has witnessed a lot of paranormal incidents. First, various taxi drivers and pilots working at the airport claimed that they had seen a woman in a white saree. However, when they approached her, she immediately disappeared.

The authority even checked the camera to clear the supposed hoax but they were shocked to see her image right on the screen. She was even seen on the runway in front of a pilot and also in the cargo section.

Besides the woman spirit in the white saree, some people reported seeing a headless ghost near the escalators of the airport as well. So next time you visit this most haunted place in Bangalore, observe things around carefully. Who knows what you bump into while riding the lift?

Most Haunted Places In Bangalore
5 most haunted place in Bangalore

Above are top 5 most haunted places in Bangalore. These are spots that are claimed to witness the most eerie incidents in the region. Should you plan to visit them one day, please take a quality camera with you and send us pics!

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