Thai Hospital Records Ghost Taking A Wheelchair Ride At Midnight

Hanima Anand |Jun 06, 2020

Thailand is famous not only for ghost movies, but also goose-bump real stories related to invisible creatures. Check the latest record from a hospital where someone from the other world seems to take a wheelchair ride!

When mentioning Thailand, people can think of various specialties, from tasty tropical fruits to fabulous streets of sexy services. However, when it comes to spiritual stories, everyone knows for sure Thailand tops the list with its mysterious ghost stories which have been transferred to movies.

Today, we won’t talk about Thai ghost movies, we talk about real ghosts which were recorded on camera or experienced by real witnesses.

Ghost Riding Wheelchair In Thailand
The wheelchair of a deadman suddenly moves around at midnight.

The latest video released by a hospital in Thailand records a wheelchair moving like someone is riding it. It’s clearly not an automatic ride as the chair seems to try to move in direction. Reports also stated that this wheelchair belonged to a dead man before.

Authorities of the hospital couldn’t explain for the phenomenon while netizens affirm this is a real ghost ride which is invisible to the camera.

Other that this video, there are many myths and stories about ghosts in Thailand you may not know yet. The most famous one is the story of a pregnant woman named Nak, which was made into movie as well as worshipped in a Bangkok’s temple.

People in Bangkok often come to Nak’s residence inside this ghost temple to seek easy childbirths or request that their husband wouldn’t need to serve military tasks. And it works for many.

Here’s the story of this female ghost!

Thailand Ghost Temple
Mak Nak is one of the most infamous ghost stories of Thailand.

Between the late 1800s and early 1900s, Nak and Mak were a happy couple who fell deeply in love with each other. However, Mak was sent to war when Nak was pregnant.

Unfortunately, Nak and her child died during her labour. However, when Mak returned home from the war, he found Nak and his child were still alive. They lived happily together for a while before Mark gradually realized the rumours on his dead wife were true.

Terrified by the fact that he was living with ghosts, Mak ran away and sought protection from a temple in Phra Khanong where Nak couldn’t come in.

Angered, Nak haunted the entire region before she was captured by an exorcist. Her spirit was imprisoned in a bottle and thrown into the river nearby. Some stories continue with her escape from the bottle while others say she had her rebirth.

Thailand Ghost Temple 2
The Bangkok temple where Mak-Nak shrine resides.

Whatever the story is, many people here believe Mak Nak still reside in the temple and get their offerings to fulfill the request.

Should you have chance to come to Thailand, please listen to ghost stories told by the locals there. You will be amazed at how closely the relationship between these people and after-life spirits is.

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