"I Have Never Done Supernatural Show, So I Wanted A New Role", Says Vijayendra Kumeria

Imran Asif Fazal |Nov 26, 2019

The actor spoke in detail about how excited he is to work with Balaji. This is for the first time that Kumeria is acting in a supernatural show.

Ekta Kapoor's supernatural show, Naagin is all set for its fourth season. This season all three characters Nia Sharma, Jasmin Bhasin and Vijayendra Kumeria will be seen together in supernatural avatars. Recently, its first promo featuring the three actors was released on social media platforms. Vijayendra Kumeria opened up about his role and how he is excited about the entire season.


Talking about his new television show, Vijayendra Kumeria, said, "The two factors that it is a huge franchise and it is an Ekta Kapoor show after all is something that did make me say yes to the show. But yes, I have never done a supernatural show before and I always say that you should always take up something that is challenging so you can keep experimenting with yourself. First, this is a new genre and I get to do a lot of new stuff, get to learn a lot, and I have always heard that such shows are fun to work on. I am really looking forward to it now that I have done the promo and a few scenes. I enjoyed myself while shooting that bit."


The actor further said, "From friends, family, and fans, I have got many messages and everyone is very happy. People from the industry are also calling me to congratulate me, and are telling me this is a milestone in my career, so yeah, I am quite happy and this franchise has always done good, so I hope the 4th season also does good."

Talking about co-actors Nia Sharma and Jasmin Bhasin, Kumeria, said,"We have shot for Mahasangam episodes, and so we knew each other from before, hence I am sure these two ladies will be easy to work with. Since we just shot for scenes and did not have proper lines to hit the chemistry already, but yea, it is going to be a process and given they are experienced, mature actors, once we start shooting it is all going to go smooth."


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