Hasan Minhaj Denied Entry In Howdy Modi Event, Opens Up About Controversy

Imran Asif Fazal |Sep 25, 2019

The event organizers as an explanation to stand up comedian claimed that the event space was not available.

Howdy Modi event witnessed over 50,000 audiences in Houston in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of the United States Donald Trump were present at the event.

Indian-American organizers denied Hasan Minhaj entry in N-R-G Stadium citing "lack of space" at the event. Hasan Minhaj appeared on the show Late Night With Seth Meyers and spoke about the entire controversy.

Hasan Minhaj in his Netflix show The Patriot Act had taken a jibe of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Hasan known for his stand up comedy acts spoke about Indian elections and had featured Congressman Shashi Tharoor as one of the speakers.

The Indian-American community had organized a mega event which included cultural events. Modi and Trump spoke at the event, marking it as one of the mega event hosted by Houston.

Hasan Minhaj

During the interview, Hasan said, “Mr. Minhaj, we are out of space, and you've been denied because of some of the comments you made. The comments you have made about Prime Minister Modi were not appreciated and you have been blacklisted. They're like Indian-Americans have done so much in arts, music, even comedy. And they actually showed my photo on the jumbotron, and people started clapping.! All while I was parked outside.”

He further said, "Trump went at the rally to open for Modi. It was a big deal. I was like 'I gotta go'. This is like Jay-Z and Beyonce of ethnonationalism. Imagine a Jay and Bee concert but with no white or black people and no coolness at all. So we submit our press credentials immediately get an email back through saying 'We're out of space'. I was like 'word'. Like I've been to Indian weddings, you just walk in. You're out of space in a football stadium? Nah."


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