Former TikTok Sensation Rafi Shaik Hanged Himself, One Year After His Best Friend Sonika Kethavath’s Death

Hanima Anand |Jan 25, 2021

In 2019, Rafi Shaik was involved in a bike accident with his fellow Sonika Kethavath who died on the spot. Last weekend, his family announced Rafi killed himself in Nellore.

Rafi Shaik was a former TikTok star who had a large fanbase on the video-sharing platform. He was involved in a controversial accident back in 2019 with his fellow Sonika Kethavath.

Rafi Shaik Photos
R.I.P Rafi Shaik

Rafi Shaik committed suicide

According to reports from the police, Rafi Shaik was found hanging himself at his house in Nellore last Saturday, January 23, 2021. However, Rafi’s parents complained that some youngsters had harassed him, leading to his suicide.

Police have registered a case of Rafi Shaik’s death following his family members’ statements. To be specific, Rafi had been kidnapped by some friends a few days ago but then released. On that day, Rafi went out to meet a girl at Café Coffee Day outlet in Nellore before meeting some friends at Narayana Reddy Peta.

However, in the evening, he came home with bruises. His parents said he was beaten by those friends who also took objectionable videos of Rafi and threatened to upload the clips on the Internet.

The authority is investigating the suspicious case. They have summoned some suspects for interrogation. Till now, police haven't ascertained the underlying reason behind Rafi’s suicide yet.

Rafi Shaik And His Mother
Rafi Shaik's parents were shocked at what happened to their son.

Rafi Shaik’s controversial accident with Sonika Kethavath

Two years ago, Rafi Shaik and his best friend Sonika Kethavath were very popular names on TikTok. They used to do a lot of videos together, but then the tragedy happened.

In August 2019, Rafi and Sonika met a serious bike accident. Sonika died on the spot while Rafi was severely injured. The details of the accident were not reported fully to the media but there were a lot of rumours around the incident.

After the accident, there was a fund-raising event for Rafi with hashtag #SaveRafi. The crowdfunding site reported that Rafi Shaik (21) was from a middle-class family in Nellore. He was heavily injured after an accident and needed around 1 lakh for his treatment.

Fund Raising For Rafi Shaik
Information of Rafi Shaik published on the crowd-funding site since 2019

What’s controversial was Rafi said he was totally not aware of the fund-raising activities and didn’t know what happened to the funds at all. He also answered in the interview that he would quit TikTok to avoid possible addiction to social media. Since then, people hardly heard of Rafi Shaik anymore.

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