Evicted Shehzad Deol Names Jaan As The One Who Should Leave, Stating Jasmin Would Be The Next

Hanima Anand |Oct 22, 2020

Another week passed by and another person has to say goodbye to Bigg Boss 14. This time, Shehzad Deol was the one to be voted but he wasn’t convinced.

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 14, Shehzad Deol was announced to be the next name evicted from the show. Surprisingly, his eviction wasn’t voted by the audience or seniors but the co-contestants themselves. This fact led to heated debates on social media whether Shehzad should be the one who left or not.

Jaan is easily influenced; they would evict Jasmin next week.

As the main character, Shehzad Deol has an interview with Hindustan Times and shares his opinion over the eviction. In the interview, he said he was shocked when hearing the result but the experience he had in the house was good.

Jasmin Bhasin Bigg Boss 14
Jasmin is a strong contestant, according to Shehzad Deol.

Shehzad said he always counted on his audience. He was just unlucky when the decision this time lay in the hands of other participants.

When being asked who should have been evicted in his place, Shehzad Deol named Jaan Kumar Sanu without much hesitance. Shehzad thinks Jaan is kind-hearted but gets influenced easily. Jaan doesn’t express his own point of view and once he does, it’s not related to the main topic.

Jaan Kumar Sanu Bigg Boss 14
Jaan Kumar and Salman Khan in the very first week of Bigg Boss 14.

Shehzad Deol also shares that Jasmin Bhasin would be the next one to be evicted. He reasons that contestants will try to get rid of strong competitors so they have the chance to win:

“If contestants are to be evicted on the basis of majority votes, then they would evict Jasmin Bhasin next week through that process. Why will the contestants not like to not evict a strong contender who may have more chances of going ahead on the show?”

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Shehzad Deol Bigg Boss 14
Shehzad felt it was unfair when he was voted out by co-participants.

Bigg Boss or Salman Khan should take action against abusive people.

Discussing what happened throughout the time he’s in the show, Shehzad said abusing was not allowed on the show. The host Salman Khan also pointed out that people should not cross limits in the second weekend.

Having said that, Shehzad Deol revealed he and Jasmin were often attacked by Nikki Tamboli with her abusive language. She didn’t suffer any punishment though. Instead, she was promoted in the very first week of Bigg Boss 14.

Nikki Tamboli Bigg Boss 14
Nikki Tamboli was accused of abusing Shehnaz and Jasmin with swear words.

Although Shehzad didn’t point out who was being fake in the show as he might need more time to understand their personalities, the evicted contestant believed Jasmin Bhasin was the most real. She would go strong on the show because she wasn’t trying to forge friendships or playing any character.

Let’s see if what Shehzad Deol predicts will become the reality in Bigg Boss 14.

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