Television Actors Have Been Bitten By The Travel Bug!

Mohnish Singh |Jul 28, 2019

Be it to relax, enlighten or explore new places, these actors have their own reasons for why they love traveling. Here’s how they do it in style!

Bhanujeet Sudan Singh

Bhanujeet Sudan Singh Compressed

Rohitashv Gour

Rohitashv Gour Compressed

Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma Compressed

Shiny Doshi

Shiny Doshi Compressed

Jason Shah

Jason Shah Compressed

Malhar Pandya

Malhar Pandya Compressed

Nishant Malkani

Nishant Malkani Compressed

Yesha Rughani

Yesha Rughani Compressed

Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar Compressed


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