Bigg Boss 12: Anup Jalota may quit the show sooner or later

Author |Sep 27, 2018

Bigg Boss 12: Anup Jalota is reported to quit the show by the end of October. The shocking news may not be that shocking with all these reasons behind it.


Bigg Boss 12 Update:

Bigg Boss 12 has just begun for 2 weeks but we have seen so many shocking news and controversies among the contestants. For example, we saw the them turn vicious and toss maltreatment at each other while playing out the extravagance task  'Samudri Lootere'. However, there is also an exceptional: there is one member who has not yet taken part in any of those debates. He is Anup Jalota, a professional 65-year-old singer.  Other than his disputable association with Jasleen Matharu, Anup has remained generally calm on the show. Presently, we have discovered that he may be leaving Salman Khan's show before the finish of October! What is the reason behind this shocking news?

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He has to quit because of a pre-schedule?

Pinkvilla news said that, Anup Jalota is going to attend an event in which he is one of the official fund- raisers. The news spreads around on Faceboook. Thus, it plainly says that Anup would make a contribution to this event. It may lead to the quitting of Anup in Bigg Boss 12 by October.

Sources Say It's A Gimmick

He only builds an unreal image to be on the show?

A source closed to Anup had revealed something rather surprising about him a couple of days ago. They said that Anup only builds up a perfect yet unreal image of himself to be on Bigg Boss 12. However, the truth is that Anup is not that kind of guy we have seen on the show. In addition, the insider also mentioned that Anup cannot love anyone else besides his beloved wife. Few years ago, Anup's wife had passed aways due to heart afflictions and he is still not over this fact.

Anup-Jasleen Relationship's “Fake”

Anup and Jasleen just fake their relationship?

Since Bigg Boss begins, there are many doubts about Anup and his so-called girlfriend Jasleen's relationship. It seems that the couple lack of the chemistry. Due to many situations, people slowly realize that maybe they are just fake lovers. When the couple entered Bigg Boss 12 's house, Jasleen refused to share the bed with her boyfriend. In another task, she also didn't want to address Anup as her "boyfriend". In addition, Jasleen said that they have been dating for 3 years. In contrast, a 3-year-ago video of Jasleen revealeved that she was still single at that time!

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Will we see Anup's elimination on this week's episode?

Up till now, there's nothing sure about the news. However, according to all the facts above, the viewers may not be surprised if Anup gets to quit soon in Bigg Boss 12. The contestants seems to be dislike him, and there's no reason for him to stay either.

Stay tune with us to update more about the hot show Bigg Boss 12!


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