Big Boss 12: Jasleen and her boyfriend's relationship is fake?

Author |Sep 22, 2018

There's something not right about Jasleen Matharu & Anup Jalota. The couple admits to be together for 3 years but there's a video revealed a shocking truth.

Big Boss 12 update: Since Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota entered the show, they have caught all the eye. From their flawed relationship or disputable stories, there are such a significant facts  that we've not contacted upon. Just a couple of days after the the couple public their relationship ,  a clip appears in which Jasleen uncovers her shocking past! In the video that is circulated around the web, Jasleen is frantically searching for a sweetheart. She described herself to be 'sexy, free and single'. Here are some additionally shocking facts about her that you may never heard before!

Jasleen Lied About Her Relationship

Jasleen did not have a 3-year relationship with Anup?

As Jasleen joined Bigg Boss 12, she confirmed that Anup Jalota has been her boyfriend for more than 3 years. Despite that fact, a 3-year-ago video revealed something else. In that clip, Jasleen said she was single. Moreover, she also described that she needed a lovely and caring boyfriend.

Agenda For The Game

Loveline Only For The Show?

Jasleen and Anup may only act like they are in a close relationship for the show. Though they  admits that they are "boyfriend and girlfriend", it is difficult to notice their chemistry together. Jasleen even refused to share a bed in the house it with Anup Jalota!

She’s A Trained Singer

She’s A Trained Singer

A lot of people may not know much about Jasleen's skills. Suprisingly, she's skilled singer. She has an ability to sing classical and western music. Anup is also her teacher in singing. Jasleen and Anup practices Riyaaz together frequently.

 You Can’t Mess With Jasleen

No one can look down on Jasleen

Singing and dancing are not the only two skills Jasleen possesses. She can play Kickboxing. She also has dancing ability in various forms: Bharatnatyam, Belly Dancing, Salsa and even Hiphop.

Jasleen Has Carved Her Own Niche

Jasleen's fame is what she gets on her own

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Jasleen is not famous only because of her character through Bigg Boss 12. She's already got her fame even before the show. She is a talented singer. In the past, she also shared the stage with famous artists such as Mikha Singh, Papon and Sukhwinder Singh.


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