Beer Biceps A.K.A Ranveer Allahbadia’s Take On Carry Minati & YouTube vs. TikTok Controversy

Mohnish Singh |May 17, 2020

Beer Biceps a.k.a Ranveer Allahbadia reveals that he knew it for a very long time that Carry Minati would put out such a comparison video someday.

Beer Biceps a.k.a Ranveer Allahbadia needs no introduction! He is one of the most popular content creators on the Internet today. On his YouTube channel, he talks about a broad variety of topics, ranging from fashion to lifestyle to personality development, but his expertise lies in fitness.

His fitness and personality development videos boast of millions of digital views. Apart from sharing videos on several popular topics, Beer Biceps also has a chat show which is equally popular among netizens.

The social media is presently buzzing with an unending topic which has got all of us hooked! Yes, you guessed it right! We are taking about the much-publicised Carry Minati and YouTube vs. TikTok controversy, which even trended on Twitter for hours.

Recently, an entertainment portal got in touch with Beer Biceps aka Ranveer Allahbadia and tried to know his views on the controversy. Opening up about the entire issue and what caused it, Beer Biceps said that he had a conversation with Carry Minati around a year or two ago. And he had probably done something on the same lines as what he said in this video.

Bear Biceps
Bear Biceps is a famous YouTuber

When asked if he reached out to Carry Minati after his video went viral on social media and YouTube, Beer Biceps said that he has not contacted him yet but he might call him soon. He said that he definitely loved the video. It was hilarious.

Another interesting question that Beer Biceps was asked was that will he ever debut on TikTok? He replied that he has a channel. He and Nick discuss about putting their videos on TikTok whenever they talk. YouTube is big, TikTok is also getting bigger by numbers every day. But if he does TikTok, he would bring some class to it.

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