Everyone knows that game streaming is now a profitable job, but being a gaming streamer is not an easy task as many people think. To earn a huge number of followers on their channel, these most popular PUBG streamers on Youtube have to master gaming skills, showing a good sense of humour as well as learning a lot about Youtube matrix.

5 most popular PUBG streamers on Youtube 2020

If you have watched sessions from these most followed PUBG streamers on Youtube, you can easily understand why they gain such high number of views per session.

These names, including two from India, totally deserve titles of most popular PUBG streamers in 2020!


1. Dynamo Gaming - 7.7 million subs

It’s no surprise when the first name in this list calls out Dynamo Gaming from India. He is currently having over 7.7 million subscribers with more than 1,270 videos on Dynamo Gaming Youtube channel.


For every session he goes live, there is an average number of 50K followers watching at one time. To gain this high status in gaming streamers community, Dynamo Gaming showcases impressive skills of headshots among many other aspects.

Dynamo is an all-rounded player who can communicate very well with his viewers, which leads him to the top of most popular PUBG streamers on Youtube in 2020.

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2. Levinho - 6.9 million subs

Comes second in the list of most followed PUBG streamers is Levinho from Sweden with roughly 6.9 million subscribers on Levinho Youtube channel.

Compared to Dynamo Gaming, Levinho is a newer name with just a half number of videos streaming PUBG on his account. However, the fact that he could gather up to 6.9 million followers proves his talent.


Some sources even affirm that this Sweden player is the best PUBG Mobile streamer in the world with advanced gaming skills and incredible level of accuracy. Every PUBG gamer should at least watch Levinho highlights for reference once in a lifetime.

With his hands and mind, Levinho is famous for trolling his prey both on and off the game. He can make use of his skills to bully the target as well as throw hilarious jokes at them with fans. If he can maintain the current work, we bet that he will catch up with Dynamo Gaming’s number of followers very soon.

3. Atro - 6.5 million subs

The next name of most popular PUBG streamers is Atro from Netherlands. Atro Youtube channel has attracted 6.49 million followers, which is still increasing quickly. Atro also set up another account named Atro Plus for more selective content, but this channel has just accumulated less than 3 million subscribers.

One of the obstacles that may prevent more fans to Atro is his Arabic language on all streaming videos.


Though watching the game has little thing to do with Arabic words, it causes difficulties for both Atro and fans to discuss game and life further.

Having said that, his channel is growing quickly thanks to his formidable sniper skills and thrilling moments he brings back. This top popular PUBG streamer on Youtube doesn’t like waiting and being killed from a distance. His dynamic style will perfectly fit ‘speedy’ players.

4. Panda - 6.2 million subs

Another player from Sweden in the top most popular PUBG streamers on Youtube. Panda Youtube channel has 6.16 million subscribers but he also had another 2.39-million-subscriber account named BluePanda as well.

In fact, Panda streaming session doesn’t gain as high number of viewers at one time as many other popular PUBG Mobile streamers above, but his videos are often re-watched many times by fans.

This is because he is often the best headshot taker in his game with amazing sniper skills. His accuracy level may cause many fans to drop their jaws with an average of more than 30 kills whenever he finishes.


Another advantage Panda has over some other most followed PUBG streamers in this list is the fact that he doesn’t need to play on an emulator.

5. CarryMinati or CarryisLive - 6 million subs

Standing at the fifth place in the list of most popular PUBG streamers in 2020 is a name from India, CarryMinati. His CarryisLive Youtube channel gathers more than 6 million subscribers from over 600 videos. He is also the fastest growing PUBG Mobile streamer on the platform.


However, you should know that this is not the only account he has. CarryisLive is just his PUBG streaming channel while his CarryMinati channel has earned a whooping number of 22.4 million followers, making him the most followed PUBG streamer on Youtube if counting the total subscribers from all accounts.

Though CarryMinati may not be the best PUBG player in India, he wins million hearts with his brilliant mind and clever way of communication. It’s not difficult at all for this Youtuber to gain more and more followers for his PUBG streaming channel.

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How to become a PUBG streamer on Youtube?

You might be dreaming life as one of the above most popular PUBG streamers on Youtube who earn crores each year thanks to their most followed channels. The question is how you can be like them, streaming PUBG Mobile and get money from it?

Here are some tips on how to stream PUBG Mobile on Youtube!

First, to be able to stream mobile gaming on Youtube, you have to earn at least 1,000 subscribers first. How can you do this?

You can record your own PUBG game with screen recorders like AZ Screen Recorder or Bandicam. Then upload videos on your Youtube channel, share it on other social media accounts so your friends or anyone who loves watching PUBG games can access.


Make sure you communicate with the audience during the game to make it more engaging. If you’re lucky and your gaming skills are impressive, you can gain 1,000 subs soon.

Second, once you have at least 1,000 subscribers on your channel, you can use Youtube streaming function as below.

  • Open Youtube app on your phone
  • Choose the image icon of Capture or Camera next to the search button.
  • Choose Go Live and allow it to access your camera, microphone or location.
  • Click on Create Channel
  • Choose the Phone icon on the top right of your phone screen
  • Adjust your settings for Stream title, Description, and Privacy
  • Choose your favorite Thumbnail and Screen orientation then click Next
  • Click Go Live button to start streaming your PUBG Mobile game.

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If you haven’t earned 1,000 subscribers yet but still want to go live. You can use desktop or webcam to stream your PUBG game on Youtube.

Good luck! Hope one day we will see your channel in the list of most popular PUBG streamers on this platform!

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