Fake Relation Between Anup Jalota & Jasleen Matharu on Bigg Boss 12

Hanima Anand |Sep 25, 2018

Bigg Boss is one such reality show that has been liked and disliked equally for a lot of reasons. While fans enjoy the entertainment factor, critics call it highly scripted. Season 12 of Bigg Boss...

The intended combination of Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu has been at the center of controversy in Bigg Boss 12.

Produced by EndemolShine India, Bigg Boss released several seasons with a lot of contestants. It is a renowned reality television game show in India.  However, it has been receiving both compliments and criticisms for myriad reasons.

A number of fans love the show thanks to amazing entertainment elements that Bigg Boss brings about. But, it is disliked because some critics considered it scripted. The Bigg Boss’s season 12 revealed that it has made a great attempt to produce a variety of buzz which involves the selection of contestants.

The show makers have set up the vichitr jodi concept this year. A jodi that appears as vichitr was the perfect amalgamation of Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota. According to a source which is close to Anup, several specific details in the show will definitely enable you to be cringe.

“Cheap Scandal”

Creating “Cheap Scandal”?

There exist numerous controversies about this relationship. Is it a way to create a cheap scandal? An unknown source which is close to Anup opened up with Bollywood Hungama that the man will not forever love anyone one more time. He only falls in love with his wife, Medha completely.  It seems that no one could steal the Anup’s love other than Medha.

Anup’s wife suffered from an attack from a chronic heart ailment. Then she died.  The relationship between him and a girl who is 40-year-olds just a way to create a cheap scandal.

The Relationship Was Pre-Planned

The pre-planned relationship

This closed-source continued this rumored relationship was planned in advance. However, the thing that took aback the public is that Anupji came to an agreement to such an extremely cheesy thing.

Anup Was Easily Convinced

Anup was Straightforwardly Persuaded

Lately, we also found out that Anup Jalota was Jasleen’s partner by her father for the Bigg Boss 12. And, we also knew that it is quite easy to persuade him to take part in the reality show as a role of Jasleen’s partner. A source of information let us know that father of Jasleen sent an invitation to Anup. He expected that Anup Jalotawould visits his home for a teacup. His attention was to demand him to cooperate with Jasleen to make a pair in the show. Definitely, Anup easily reached an agreement for that demand.

They Are Constantly Trolled

They’re Repetitively Trolled

Not only the source which is close to Anup Jalota but also some others also explores how strange the relationship between him and Jasleen. Bigg Boss fans could obviously identify their eccentric rapport. Moreover, viewers of this national television also raised their voice to object to it. Both Anup and Jasleen have to experience the continuous trolling. More seriously, they are considered to demonstrate a fake relationship on even the public’s eyes.

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