Arhaan Khan To Marry Rashami Desai Inside Bigg Boss House?

Imran Asif Fazal |Dec 17, 2019

Reports suggest that Bigg Boss makers have approached both families to resolve issues between Arhaan Khan and Rashami Desai.

Lot has been spoken about Bigg Boss contestants Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan. In previous episodes of Bigg Boss, host Salman Khan had revealed that a family member of Arhaan is living in the flat of Desai. Arhaan Khan while speaking to Shefali Bagga had claimed that Rashami had zero bank balance and was completely dependent on him. There was a huge outburst on social media after this episode. However, recent reports claim that Bigg Boss team approached Arhaan Khan's family to seek their permission for arranging a grand marriage inside the house. But brother of Arhaan Khan denied all the rumours and spoke in detail about the incident.

Arhaan Khan

Sources close to family members of Arhaan Khan claimed that the makers of Bigg Boss had approached to resolve issues between the couples. They also proposed to arrange a grand marriage inside the house. Salman Khan had revealed that Arhaan had a child from his previous marriage after which Rashami Desai broke down and was shocked. Host Salman Khan had to enter the house to calm down the situation. But after such reports family members of both contestants were upset and gave out a statement to the media.

Rashami Desai

Arif Khan, brother of Arhaan had debunked the rumour and claimed that marrying on national television is not permitted by family members. He also claimed that he can speak with the couple to resolve the issue. He said that marriage plans of Rashami and his brother is just a rumour. He claimed that the family believes in the institution of marriage. Such decisions of life has to be taken seriously and the family will not allow his marriage inside the house. Talking about Arhaan's past, Arif claimed that his brother had shared everything with Rashami and was nothing hidden. He also claimed that he had a past like everyone else and Rashami knew about it.


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