After 5 Years Vikas Gupta’s Little Brother Siddharth Leaves Home To Stay With Sushath Singh Rajput

ThuyNT |Nov 01, 2018

Siblings often fight with one another, but their relationship is mostly defined by love. We have come across several celebrity siblings who are inseparable. However, television star Vikas Gupta and...

It’s normal when brothers and sisters always have squabbles; however, the family relation between star Vikas Gupta and his brother is totally tight. In the most recent interview, Vikas revealed that Siddharth has decided to move out and live with his best friend Sushanth Singh Rajput.

Vikas Brother

Split After 5 Years

Siddharth Gupta and Vikas Gupta have lived happily together for 5 years. They have been showing their affection, getting along with and supporting one another through many difficulties. But finally, Siddharth is living with Sushanth Singh Rajput right now.


Vikas Says It’s Not A Separation

In spite of splitting up, Vikas doesn’t think that it’s a separation. But, he affirmed that the report of Siddharth leaving home is the truth and right now he is living in the same home with Sushant.

Siddharth Gupta Creative

He Believes Sushanth

Vikas said more that Sushant was his close friend and they get started working on television at the same time.  Sushant also said that he will become the mentor for Vikas. Sushant’s house was so convenient and wonderful for reading, hanging out and gymming as well. Moreover, Sushant had another house in the suburbs where Sushant and Siddharth can going fishing and eat fresh fish that they get.

The Brothers Actually Have Quarrels

When Vikas was asked whether he and Siddharth had squabbles, he shared “ "Woh kehte hain na- bade ped ke neeche ek chhota ped ubhar ke nahi aa sakta. Fights kaun se do bhaiyon mein nahi hoti?”. He added that they have fought but they can end squabbles very quickly. Vikas also confirmed that they have ever had a serious argument that made Siddharth move out to live with Sushant.


Vikas Compliments His Younger Brother


The elder brother always hopes the best luck comes to his younger brother’s future and career path. Vikas admitted that he was jealous of them, Siddharth made a better choice and he became more and more grown-up. Now, Siddharth can make decisions himself and live without Vikas’s protection. Finally, he did everything well.


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