Vikas Gupta Accuses Priyank Sharma & Parth Samthaan Of Harrassing Him: They loved Getting Touched!

Hanima Anand |Jun 22, 2020

Bollywood dark sides are being unveiled with more and more revelations are made, sending the audience from this shock to another. Here’s the latest from Vikas Gupta.

The bisexual producer Vikas Gupta shared that he was in depression due to harassment and mental bullying from Priyank Sharma, Parth Samthaan and Shilpa Shinde though he had been in serious relationships with the two former for years.

Check details of Vikas Gupta explosive revelation below!

Vikas Gupta on Priyank Sharma and Parth Samthaan 1
The producer was involved in several scandals related to his love life.

Vikas Gupta on casting couch: Priyank Sharma and Parth Samthan loved getting touched

In the sharing from Vikas Gupta, he said that these two people appeared to be friendly but actually performed acts of harassment on him. This came as a shock to many people, not just for the dirty acts they conducted but also for the fact that Parth Samthan and Priyank Sharma were also bisexual.

Things started when a video of casting couch was leaked out, in which Vikas Gupta was seen persuading Priyank Sharma to compromise (sleeping with Vikas) for work. Though the two faces were morphed, fans quickly share the clip without confirmation. And Priyank Sharma, in the role of a victim, liked the video. His fans clubs also joined to spread it like wild fire on social media.

Vikas Gupta on Priyank Sharma and Parth Samthaan 2
Vikas was accused of talking Priyank and Parth into casting couch.

But is that the truth?

According to Vikas Gupta, he didn’t bother the video because he knew he didn’t do anything wrong. However, the pressure and criticism from fans were too harsh for him to handle, so he decided to reveal things here.

Vikas Gupta said that both Priyank Sharma and Parth Samthaan loved being touched. They were not forced into any casting couch case as indicated in the video. They came to Vikas Gupta totally voluntarily as they were also bisexual.

Vikas Gupta on Priyank Sharma and Parth Samthaan 3
The fact that Parth Samthaan is also bisexual shocked many fans.

In fact, Priyank Sharma lived with Vikas Gupta for 1.5 years while Parth Samthaan was in a reportedly serious relationship with the actor for 2 years. This evidence partly showed Vikas Gupta was telling the truth.

Not stopping there, Parth Samthan and Priyank Sharma were claimed to torture him mentally by sending blackmail and creating many other fake videos to defaming Vikas Gupta.

Vikas Gupta on Shilpa Shinde

Shilpa Shinde once called out the name of Vikas Gupta and CINTAA for banning her from the shows as well as filing a case against her.

Vikas Gupta on Priyank Sharma and Parth Samthaan 4
Couldn't believe that Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde used to be rumoured dating.

However, Vikas Gupta said that he didn’t do it. It’s everyone in the CINTAA who voted against her due to her working attitude. According to the producer, Shilpa Shinde had left 7 shows and didn’t express a proper work ethic. That’s why people were scared of her and no one wanted to work with her any more.

He also used some extreme words when sharing about Shilpa Shinde, stating she was the worst human he came across and she should have had a check-up with doctor for those filthy thoughts.

Vikas Gupta said he wouldn’t just say it without proof. He would soon release evidence for what he just shared. We had better wait for his proof before concluding anything.

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