Man Terrified Of Matching His Siblings On Tinder After Knowing His Father Donated Jizz '500 TIMES'

Salena Harshini |Mar 01, 2021

Zave Fors was shocked to find out he went to school with his own brother and is now terrified of hooking up with a relative after discovering he has at least eight siblings.

A man from the United States is experiencing a quirky and tragic turn of events at the same time.

Zave Fors from Portland, Oregon, was shocked to find out that a friend in school is related to him after a DNA test. The 24-year-old man traced his father’s record on and found that he had sold his gametes 500 times during 10 years. For the unknown, it is calculated that his father has about 50 children.

Zave Fors
Zave Fors who had a life-changing finding that went viral.

Zave does not dare to go on Tinder

Over the years, the young man has been able to track down eight among his siblings. However, he is still unaware of the exact number of sisters and brothers he truly has. Fors’ biggest fear is he may end up hooking up with a relative without knowing if he uses any dating app.

"When I'm swiping around on Tinder, I don't really know who's related to me or not.

There will always be a specter of unknown lingering over me in intimate relationships. Short of genetically testing all of my partners, I will never have 100% certainty that we are not related."

Zave Fors 1
He is scared of dating online given the fact that his sibling could be anyone.

Zave also talked about the friend at school whom he found out to be his biological brother. Daron is two years senior to Zave in school. Remarkably, the two also had memories of each other at where they study.

According to Zave, his mother wanted to have a child before becoming too old to conceive. That was why she came to the now-closed  East Bay Fertility Medical Group in California to have an artificial conception. She chose a totally anonymous spunk donor from an “option” list.

In 2018, Zave Fors signed up on and carried out a DNA test to trace down his father. In fact, he did not discover any relative upon receiving the results.

Daron Mcclennan Colon And Zave Fors
Daron McClennan Colon and Zave Fors who went to the same school.

It was several months later that Zave got a notification that he had a DNA match with another user.

Zave shared with The Mirror, "I didn't think I would have siblings. The thought never crossed my mind."

When the siblings finally met

The man reached out to Daron who at first did not know that he himself was a donor-conceived child. As the duo met up in San Francisco Bay Area, they realized that they looked so much alike, even more than in photos.

Zave Fors Father
An old photo of their father on the website.

For the unknown, Zave Fors has managed to find eight of his brothers and sisters over a couple of years in the US. He shared that they were all astonished and thrilled to find their long-lost siblings.

However, none of them has an intent to find their biological dad.

Zave Fors Sivlings
The siblings across the United States are happy to find each other.

When he met his half-brother, he said the experience felt like he was "talking to a different version of myself".

Moreover, Zave said his siblings are “wonderful people” whom he is thankful to know.

Zave Fors Brothers And Sisters
They hang out and makes a lot of video calls.

Now, they are on the way to build bonds with one another. They even hold group Zoom call and FaceTime.

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