Old Chinese Painter Married 35 Years Younger African Girl, Spent $6 Million On Their Wedding

Salena Harshini |Mar 05, 2021

True human love is a divine sentiment that overcomes all language barriers and borders.

True love is a divine sentiment that overcomes all language barriers and borders. Many artists regard Yang Yan as an idol because he not only created the painting and calligraphy myth of an era, but also a romantic figure who has left many stories.

Nowadays, Yang Yan's exotic love is still often talked about.

Ada And Yang Yan 1
The painter and the young African girl went against every prejudice.

Years ago, a Chinese painter born in 1958 spent 40 million yuan (around $6.1 million at the current exchange rate) to marry a beautiful young African girl. Until now, their married life is still a huge topic for Chinese netizens.

The interracial marriage

According to Chinese media, this artist is called Yang Yan. His interracial marriage is still an inspirational romantic story for thousands of others.

Because he was so immersed in the arts that more than half his life, he was unmarried. In the spring of 2011, he decided to go to Africa to seek inspiration for his artistic creation. At that time, the painter was 53 years old and he luckily had the chance to meet his destiny.

Ada And Yang Yan 3
Yang Yan and Ada's story was crazily viral in China.

The African girl was Ada who is 35 years younger than her spouse. In fact, she was still a college student that year. Ada was the tour guide for Yang Yan during his trip to Africa.

Initially, they relied on translation tools to communicate with each other. Gradually, the image of the beautiful young African girl was imprinted on the artist's mind from time to time.

Meanwhile, Yan’s flawless pictures fascinated Ada. She stayed with him from day to day, watching the old painter fascinated. She never concealed her admiring gaze for the other.

Yang Yan In Africa
The painter found his true love at the age of 53 in an exotic land.

Since childhood, Ada has been very fond of Chinese culture, especially traditional Chinese art. That is the reason why when she knew about Yang Yan’s identity, she grew a very good impression of this person.

Shortly after that, the senior painter proposed to his muse to which she immediately nodded in agreement.

Not everyone thought it's a good idea

However, when he shared the good news with relatives and friends back home, he faced opposition. They felt that that the age difference, language barrier, and skin color are just impossible to accept.

Ada And Yang Yan 2
The couple had no regret on their married life.

The objections of relatives in China posed no problem for the couple. After getting approval from her parents, Ada decided to go to China with her partner. To prove his love, he spent 40 million yuan to hold a grand wedding in China in 2011.

Even after the marriage, the two continued to be criticized by relatives and the public, but they always respect and love each other. Ada learns Chinese very quickly. The communication between the husband and wife is no longer dependent on translation tools.

Ada And Yang Yan
They have a beautiful mixed son.

Shortly after the wedding, Ada gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, and the family of three always filled with happy laughter.

In 2015, as painting masters, Yang Yan and his wife appeared on CCTV's biggest Chinese Spring Celebration program. Over the past 10 years, they have always been inseparable.

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