Wuhan China - Life Under CoronaVirus Lockdown

Hanima Anand |Jan 31, 2020

Millions of people in Wuhan, China are being trapped inside the city while coronaviruses are spreading like wildfire. Take a peek into the life under Wuhan China lockdown to see how they manage!

Wuhan China lockdown situation

Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province, is home to over 11 million people. It is currently the largest city in Hubei as well as one of 9 Chinese central cities. Wuhan is considered the primary transportation hub connecting major cities in the region. It also plays important roles in Chinese culture, politics, education and economy.

The common scene when Wuhan comes in spring, but not for this year!

Since its lockdown a week ago because of coronavirus outbreak, all transports here have been cancelled, even private vehicles.

Only medical transports are allowed to support ill residents.

Wuhan streets are empty with a few people walking

Many say that Wuhan looks like a ghost city these days while some even posted fake videos showing zombie-like scenes on the streets.

A man was found dead on Wuhan street during the outbreak
Wuhan seafood market - where the coronavirus stems from

Coronaviruses turn dynamic Wuhan to a lifeless city?

The answer is no.

Wuhan residents find various ways to encourage themselves and together get through the tough time. While being confined to their home, these Chinese people set a trend of doing all amusing things right in their living rooms.

Playing badminton, playing ping pong, dancing or even fishing, all kinds of activities can be found on Weibo videos. Meanwhile, some others immediately adopt their sedentary lifestyle.

“I’ve stayed at home for 5 days. Everyday, apart from eating, I’m sleeping. I slept so much that my back and my neck hurt.”

Wuhan people record themselves entertaining in their living rooms

Having said that, strained healthcare system and many other problems are unavoidable in Wuhan right now, putting the city under a very unusual situation.

Below are some photos for an overview of Wuhan during the lockdown. You can also watch video at the end of the article for more information.

Only medical transports are spotted on empty streets
People are scared of going out, making Wuhan look like an abandoned city
At supermarkets, people fight for food while almost all trays are empty

Coronavirus statistic updates

Till Jan 31, there are 9,692 infectious people in China and nearly 100 victims in other 17 countries and regions in the world.

213 ill people have died, all in Chinese mainland.

India confirms the very first case of Coronavirus infection in Kerala which is a student studing in Wuhan, China. She has just returned to India recently.

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