Who Is Vikas Dubey? Criminal Records, Background & Latest Reports On The Hunt

Hanima Anand |Jul 09, 2020

Indian police across states are intensifying their hunt for Vikas Dubey, a notorious criminal. Read who is Vikas Dubey and updates on police manhunt below!

Who is Vikas Dubey?

Vikas Dubey is a history-sheeter and a gangster-turned-politician in Kanpur Dehat in Uttar Pradesh. The notorious criminal has more than 60 cases registered under his name in total, with the first one back in 1990s.

Who Is Vikas Dubey 1
A rare clear photo of Vikas Dubey

Vikas Dubey is charged with a number of serious crimes, ranging from criminal intimidation, illegal land acquisition to robbery, kidnapping and murder. However, due to his political relationships, he is believed to be acquitted for most of his crimes despite abundant evidence and witnesses.

It’s not until July 2020 that Vikas Dubey is aggressively hunted by Uttar Pradesh Police for his murder of Minister of State inside a police station in 2001 as well as the killing of 8 policemen in 2020 attempted arrest.

Another fact about Vikas Dubey relates to his nickname Pandit. It’s reported that Dubey loves being referred to as Pandit after seeing the 1999 movie Arjun Pandit by Rahul Rawail (starring Sunny Deol). Dubey named himself Vikas Pandit after the titular character of the film.

Back to Vikas Dubey’s background. He was born and raised in Bikaru village in Chaubepur block of Uttar Pradesh. Since he was a youngster, he had his own gang and involved in illegal land grabbing as well as murder.

In 1990, a murder case was first lodged against Vikas Dubey but there’s no official record why he escaped the punishments. However, people believe this was due to his connection with a BJP politician named Harikishan Srivastava who also introduced Vikas Dubey to his party Bharatiya Janata Party during 1995.

In fact, Vikas Dubey won some elections during the years 1995-1996 in local districts but mostly by using force. Surprisingly, his wife also joined the politic game and won some elections, too.

In 2001, Vikas Dubey was accused of killing a Minister of State who was also the leader of BJP Santosh Shukla in the Shivli police station. The criminal has been arrested after that but then again acquitted for political pressure.

Who Is Vikas Dubey 2
House of Vikas Dubey was bulldozed by Kanpur administration.

On July 3, 2020, Vikas Dubey and his aides killed 8 policemen while injured 7 others during an attempted arrest. In particular, among 8 policemen murdered, the Deputy Superintendent of Police had been brutally shot with multiple bullets from different deadly weapons. Police later recovered an AK-47 rifle, an INSAS rifle and some other weapons at the place of the criminal.

During the arrest, there were 30 policemen but reports showed there were at least 60 gangsters at the time waiting for the ambush. Vikas Dubey probably got leaked information of the arrest from his cops contacts, supposedly from Chaubeypur Police Station.

Dubey’s house was then bulldozed while 25 police teams were called upon to hunt for the group of criminals. Vikas Dubey carried a reward of Rs. 2.5 lakh.

Updates on the police hunt of Vikas Dubey

According to police reports yesterday, the closest aid of Vikas Dubey who took charge of his security was shot dead. Amar Dubey was also suggested to be among the main planners of the July 3rd ambush.

Amar Dubey was the closest associate with Vikas Dubey. He was always armed with a rifle but Uttar Pradesh police has successfully chased him down and finally shot him dead on July 8th.

Also revealed by Uttar Pradesh police, Amar Dubey just got married last week and Vikas Dubey also attended the event. After the killing of 8 policemen, Amar Dubey carried a reward of Rs. 50,000.

Who Is Vikas Dubey 3
Police are still seeking Vikas Dubey and his associates.

Amar Dubey was discovered in a village in Hamipur district. He fired into the police teams when they reached his place. The gangster was injured during the firing along with two other policemen. He died during the treatment in hospital.

Previous information has it that other two aides of Vikas Dubey named Prem Prakash Pandey and Atul Dubey had been killed by police. Some gang members were also arrested while 68 policemen in Chaubeypur were removed to be investigated their connection with Vikas Dubey.

In the late evening yesterday, a person reported that he had seen the gangster in Noida in Uttar Pradesh. This man said Vikas Dubey was in the same car he traveled from Ekkurthy Golchakkar in Greater Noida West to Noida Sector 71. Police are working with the man for more information.

Who Is Vikas Dubey 4
Vikas Dubey's closest aid, or his so-called 'shadow' was shot dead.

Before that, Vikas Dubey was reported to be in Delhi, making the police to raid several places in the Najafgarh area but didn’t find him. However, the police have gained some tips about his whereabouts which was a home of his relatives in Faridabad, Haryana.

Updated on Thursday, July 9th, Vikas Dubey has been arrested near Mahakaleshwar temple. A flower vendor has informed police that he spotted the gangster nearby. Vikas Dubey was stopped by the temple security guard who asked him to show his ID card. Despite using a fake ID, the criminal was still detained by the guard and handed to the local police.

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