Vijaya Ekadashi – Meanings & Rituals On This Special Occasion

Ankita Chetana |Feb 17, 2020

Remove grief & get victory is what people often say about Vijaya Ekadashi. Read on to understand more clearly about this important festival and what to do on that date.

Nobody in India doesn’t know about Vijaya Ekadashi which is celebrated on February 19th, 2020. Above 24 Hindu fasting festivals, this date masters major league efficacies and is the greatest occasion to pay your respects of the Hindu custom over the country. So, let’s find out the meanings and rituals of the upcoming Ekadashi.

Worship God and Goddess is the most important meaning of Vijaya Ekadashi

The cornerstone of Vijaya Ekadashi & When to celebrate


This Ekadashi is always considered as the scriptures of Hindu which remove grief and attain victory. “Vijaya” means victory, hence, the entire name of the occasion signifies success and achievements for the observers when they meet difficulties.

The aim of Vrat Ekadashi is to leave people's sins to come with glory

Through the meaningful importance of this date, people feel the wind of relief after undergoing hurdles and troubles. Donations and charities work on the occasion present people’s sins and on the way to relieve themselves to harvest the goals.

When to celebrate

Vijaya Ekadashi has no certain manual calendar date and it depends on the Hindu calendar. The eleventh day of the Palgun month in the dark fortnight Krishna Paksa witnesses the bearing of the occasion. Otherwise, following the Gregorian calendar, in order to express devoutness to Lord Vishnu, they often celebrate this day on the eve of either February or March.

Rituals on Vijaya Ekadashi

  • People start fasting in the sunrise of Ekadashi and complete the occasion at the dawn of Dwadashi. On this date, devotees are forbidden to take consumption of grains, rice, and pulses.
Devotees must pray to Lord Vishnu and Mata Ekadashi
  • During the festival, devotees get up prior to the sun and take a shower. Then they stay in the Brahma Muhurta and pray to Lord Vishnu. After that, they turn to worship Mata Ekadashi by praying to her.
  • Without consuming grains, devotees spend time to assign tulsi leaves, betel nuts, coconut, and incense sticks to the deity.
  • So as to please deities on this occasion, people often prepare a special bhog and devotional songs alongside Vedic mantras.
Devotees must help other people to cleanse their sins in the past
  • As said above, devotees have to do charity work or open a donation on this date. They must support the people in need such as the poor or the disabled by donating money or other necessary items including food, clothes amongst many others.
  • One of the most auspicious rituals on this day is reading Vishnu Sahasranama.

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