How To Observe Vijaya Ekadashi And The Legend Behind Ekadashi Rituals

Salena Harshini |Feb 17, 2020

Vijaya Ekadashi is a very important Ekadashi date in the Hindi cultures. For anyone curious, here is how to observe the fast and the legend behind Vijaya Ekadashi!

Observing the Vijaya Ekadashi fast helps the person to be triumphant. Moreover, Vijaya Ekadasi’s glories will help destroy every sinful reaction of ours.

Because Lord Rama watched it for the first time, it stands as a very essential Ekadashi date. Lord Rama was able to come up with a way to cross the ocean and reach Lanka after the observation on Vijaya Ekadashi vrat.

Celebrated whilst the Krishna Paksha in the Phalguna Month, Vijay Ekadashi is a propitious day. This Ekadashi’s greatness is brought up in Skanda Purana and commemorating Vijaya Ekadashi can not only help remove the guilt linked with the committed sins but also attain victory.

So, what can we do to observe Vijaya Ekadashi and what is the legend behind this day? Starbiz will help you clarify that here.

1. How to observe Vijaya Ekadashi

As per a variety of Puranas, they consider Ekadashi Tithi auspicious and on this day, they worship Lord Vishnu.

On this day, devotees will get up early in the morning for the ritual bath. Afterward, they will chant the Vishnu Sahasranam to express their worship towards Lord Vishnu.

One should observe the fast for the entire day and carry out Jagran after dark by reading Vishnu Sahasranama and Vishnu Path.

Lord Vishnu

During fast, a person should devour a simple one-time meal. It may have vegetables, fruits, nuts, dried fruits or any dairy products. The normal Ekadashi fasting procedure is followed with the firm restriction of rice-made food and grains

People observe this fast from the night prior to Ekadashi and stop in the morning post Ekadashi after they offer prayers and light a lamp.

Those who are children, elderly people or suffer from some health issues do not need to take the complete Ekadashi fast.

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2. The legend behind Vijaya Ekadashi

Why do they celebrate Vijaya Ekadashi and what is the legend behind it?

During banishment, Sri Rama was on the search for Sita as she got abducted by Ravana.

Presuming that Lanka was where Ravana could have taken Sota to, Hanuman flew across the ocean and discovered her whereabouts. Hanuman then reported it to Srirama, after which Lakshman along with others started finding how to traverse the sea and reach Lanka.

However, there was almost no possibility for them as Hanuman was the only one who could fly pass the ocean.

Hence, Lakshman brought up a mighty saint called Bakadalabhya. The saint lived near there and they planned to visit him hoping that he would provide them with a solution. Gave that the go-head, Lord Ram with others went for the Sage’s ashram.

The legend was related to the rescue of Sita and demolishing the evil king Ravana.

Instantly, Lord Ram got a warm welcome and he questioned the Sage on the solution to crossing the big sea and arrive at Lanka.

Consequently, Saint Bakadalabhya asked him to observe Vijaya Ekadashi in order to eliminate every obstacle and become victorious with all of their efforts. Following the suggestion and advice, Lord Ram did observe Vijaya Ekadashi Vrat and then actually came up with a means of solving the ocean-passing matter.

Ram went through the sea with his army. They managed to demolish Ravana the evil King and rescued Sita.

From this legend, Vijaya Ekadashi is considered to bring success to the person who is coping with the hard circumstances in their life. From that day, the date is widely known as Vijaya Ekadashi.

Vijaya Ekadashi 2020 takes place on February 19.

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