Vijaya Ekadashi Vrat Katha 2020 – Dos & Don’ts On Ekadashi Fasting

Salena Harshini |Feb 17, 2020

Vijaya Ekadashi Ki Kahani or Vijaya Ekadashi Vrat Katha 2020 falls on February 19, Wednesday. Know what to do & what should be avoided on this day!

Importance of Vijaya Ekadashi

Vijaya Ekadashi is believed to give people success when they are in difficult times. Lord Ram, when fighting against Ravana to save Goddess Sita, had to cross the giant ocean to reach Lanka. Lord Ram had requested Samundra Devta or Sea God for help but he was refused.

Lord Ram was then suggested by Saint Baladalabhya to observe Vijaya Ekadashi to find the way. He did, and found a solution to get rid of all obstacles.

Learn the importance of Vijaya Ekadashi!

Since then, Vijaya Ekadashi is associated with Victory, providing success to those in need. You can figure out why Vijaya Ekadashi is important now:

  • Vijaya Ekadashi blesses us relief from difficulties and leads people to Victory.
  • Vijaya Ekadashi helps people get rid of grief, guilt, and sins.
  • Those who observe fast on Vijaya Ekadashi will get desirable results, even more significant than doing donations.

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Dos and Don’ts on Vijaya Ekadashi 2020

If you are seeking for blessings from Vijaya Ekadashi, remember these things to do and to avoid on this special day. Learn that Parana means breaking the fast. There are some notes about this practice.

  • Do Ekadashi Parana after sunrise on the next day of Ekadashi fast
  • Do Parana within Dwadashi Tithi if Dwadashi Tithi isn’t over before sunrise. Failure to do this equals to an offence.
  • Don’t do Parana during Hari Vasara. Hari Vasara is the first one-fourth duration time of Dwadashi Tithi.
  • The best time to do Parana is Pratahkal.
  • Don’t do Parana during Madhyahna. Do it after Madhyahna if you’re left with no other choices.
The best time to do Parana is Pratahkal

Besides the popular practice of observing fast on Vijaya Ekadashi, some also suggest 2 consecutive days of Ekadashi fasting. The first day is recommended for Smartha with family while the second day is for Sanyasis, widows and those wanting Moksha.

Staunch devotees who are seeking for love and affection of Lord Vishnu are suggested observing Ekadashi fasting on both days.

Four types of Ekadashi fasting diet

There are 4 types of Ekadashi fasting food devotees can adopt. Check their details below!

  1. Jalahar - Ekadashi fasting with water only: This fasting can be observed on both Vijaya Ekadashi and Nirjala Ekadashi.
  2. Ksheerbhoji - Ekadashi fasting on Ksheer:  This fasting allows all milk products. Though Ksheer means either milk or milky juice, Ekadashi fasting refers to products made of milk only.
  3. Phalahari - Ekadashi fasting on fruits: Please note NOT all kinds of fruits are accepted. Select high-class fruits only to observe on Ekadashi fasting while leafy vegetables should be avoided. Highly recommended fruits are grapes, mango, almond, banana or pistachios.
  4. Naktabhoji - Ekadashi fasting with single meal a day before sunset: As its name suggests, you should have a single meal just before sunset on this fasting day. The meal shouldn’t include grains or cereals such as beans, rice, wheat or pulses. These types of food are forbidden on Vijaya Ekadashi fasting. By contrast, such staple diets as Sabudana, Singhada, Sharkandi, Groundnuts, and Potatoes are allowed. Kuttu Atta and Samak are accepted at some regions but still causing many controversies. It’s best you avoid these debatable diets.
High-class fruits or milk products are recommended on Vijaya Ekedashi Fasting

Prayers to Goddess Ekadashi on Ekadashi Day

To send your prayers to Goddess Ekadashi, learn this Ekadashi Mata Ki Aarti song below!

Ekadashi Mata Ki Aarti

Om Jai Ekadashi, Jai Ekadashi,Jai Ekadashi Mata

Vishnu Puja Vrat Ko Dharan Kar,Shakti Mukti Pata

Om Jai Ekadashi...

Tere Naam Ginau Devi,Bhakti Pradan Karni

Gan Gaurav Ki Deni Mata,Shashtro Mein Varni

Om Jai Ekadashi...

Margashirsha Ke Krishnapaksha KiUtapanna Vishvatarini Janmi

Shukla Paksha Mein Hui Mokshada,Muktidata Ban Aayi

Om Jai Ekadashi...

Paush Ke Krishnapaksha KiSaphala Naamak Hai

Shuklapaksha Mein Hoye Putrada,Anand Adhik Rahe

Om Jai Ekadashi...

Naam Shattila Magh Maas Mein,Krishnapaksha Aave

Shuklapaksha Mein Jaya Kahave,Vijay Sada Pave

Om Jai Ekadashi...

Vijaya Phalguna Krishnapaksha MeinShukla Amalaki

Papmochani Krishna Paksha MeinChaitra Mahabali Ki

Om Jai Ekadashi...

Chaitra Shukla Mein Naam Kamada,Dhan Dene Wali

Naam Varuthini Krishna Paksha Mein,Vaishakha Maah Wali

Om Jai Ekadashi...

Shukla Paksha Mein HoyeMohini Apara Jyeshtha Krishnapakshi

Naam Nirjala Sab Sukha Karni,Shuklapaksha Rakhi

Om Jai Ekadashi...

Yogini Naam Ashadha Mein Jano,Krishnapaksha Karni

Devshayani Naam Kahayo,Shuklapaksha Dharani

Om Jai Ekadashi...

Kamika Shravan Maas Mein Aave,Krishnapaksha Kahiye

Sharvan Shukla HoyePavitra Anand Se Rahiye

Om Jai Ekadashi...

Aja Bhadrapada Krishnapaksha Ki,Parivartini Shukla

Indra Aashwin Krishnapaksha Mein,Vrat Se Bhavsagar Nikla

Om Jai Ekadashi...

Papankusha Hai Shukla Paksha Mein,Aap Haranahari

Rama Maas Kartik Mein Aave,Sukhdayak Bhari

Om Jai Ekadashi...

Devotthani Shukla Paksha Ki,Dukhnashak Maiya

Paavan Maas Mein Karu VinitiPaar Karo Naiya

Om Jai Ekadashi...

Parama Krishna Paksha Mein Hoti,Jana Mangal Karni

Shukla Maas Mein hoye Padmini,Dukh Daridra Harni

Om Jai Ekadashi...

Jo Koi Aarti Ekadashi Ki,Bhakti Sahita Gaave

Jan Gurdita Swarga Ka Vasa,Nishchay Vah Paave

Om Jai Ekadashi...

(Lyric source:

With all the abovementioned dos and don’ts on Vijaya Ekadashi Vrat 2020, we hope you are already aware of what should observe on this special day.

Lastly, Starbiz team wish you a Happy Vijaya Ekadashi 2020!

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