Heartwarming Story Of 98-year-old Couple Holding Hands, Died Hours Apart On Valentine's

Leela Adwani |Feb 13, 2020

Joseph (97) died on Valentine’s Day, 14 February, hours after his wife Christine (98) breathed her last. The couple were holding hands on hospital beds and buried on their 77th wedding anniversary. Read their full story below to restore faith in love!

It’s not wrong to say, for many people, it’s relatively easy to fall in love. However, let’s admit that staying in love is a different ball game as it poses several problems for many. If we term first wedding anniversary as Paper, the second as Cotton, the 25th as Silver, the 50th as Gold and the 60th anniversary as Diamond, then what we define a nearly 80-year marriage?

When it comes to the most beautiful love story of all time, a Mattituck couple who got married 77 years might be the first name popping into our head. The long-time lovebirds who were both at nearly 100 years old passed away just hours apart in the Valentine's Week.

They had never dated anyone else but each other

Their granddaughter Kim Haeg went on to share the heartwarming love story of her beloved grandparents. She revealed that she was even unaware that while she was in the hospital, she and her grandparents were in the same place, Peconic Bay Medical Center in Riverhead and only a few rooms away. Kim’s aunt, MaryJo, arranged for the couple, Christine (98) and Joseph (97) to be in the same room.

Elaborating further, she said that by doing so, the old-aged couple could hold each other’s hands day by day and express their love for the last time before resting in peace. She said,


Christine breathed her last on Monday while Joseph died right on Valentine’s Day, 14 February and they passed away 54 hours apart. The story of Kim’s grandparents reminded her of the legendary romantic drama “The Notebook”, though her grandmom didn’t have dementia.

The inspiring lovebirds before they're hospitalized.

Speaking of the great love that Kim shared with them, she revealed,


Meanwhile, MaryJo shared that their family buried them on 5 April which is also their wedding anniversary. It’s such a fairy tale ending for this forever-in-love couple and also their endless love story. The end of their lives in this world might open the next chapter for their love in another world, the world of eternity.


MaryJo further added that her mother, Christine, should have been hospitalized many times before but she did not want to leave Joseph alone. When both of them had to head to the hospital, they went in two separate ambulances, but as soon as they arrived, MaryJo asked to help them share the same room.

MaryJo had retired nearly nine years ago, spending the last 8 years taking care of her parents.

Joseph is holding a birthday cake for Christine

According to MaryJo, the nurses revealed that her parents wanted to push the beds together. They always said “I love you” to each other every day.


Kim’s father spilled the beans that his parents never fought and their love story was nothing less than legendary.

Expressing her tremendous admiration towards her grandparents’ love for each other, Kim said that they would celebrate the 77th wedding anniversary on 5 April and their love obviously spanned a lifetime. Neither one of them had never dated anyone else. She affirmed that they were the first, the last and everything of each other.

The forever-in-love couple

It’s safe to say that love is not just a feeling but a commitment, a decision, and an action. They are powerful, magical, passionate, wild and exhilarating. They are also the glue that can pull us together. Real love is truly committing to another imperfect human being, a decision to be faithful and definitely your choice.

If we have something to share now, we would say: Don't ever hesitate to show love. We are not sure what will happen in the very next second. Tell him/ her you love them every day.

Happy Valentine’s Day! We wish all the loving couples out there have a memorable day with each other.

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