Unemployed Thai Couple Walked 300km Home To See Sick Mom, Saved By Samaritans

Hanima Anand |Jun 11, 2020

A touching story of good Samaritans helped a jobless Thai couple who walked 300km to return home is going viral on the Internet. Read details below!

Yesterday, global social media shared a heart-warming story that the local rescue staff in Nakhon Ratshasima province in Thailand found a jobless Thai couple walking 300km to return home because their mother was sick. The rescue team then lent them a hand.

The coronavirus pandemic is hitting the entire world, leaving countless people in miserable situations of unemployment or illnesses. A number of migrant workers in Thailand are also suffering the obstacle when this country recorded over 3,125 cases till date despite social distancing efforts. Some have committed suicide inside their rental rooms for not being able to find work and afford living.

Thai Workers During Covid 19
A large number of Thai workers become unemployed, homeless due to Covid-19.

Factories closed, no money left, a Thai couple from Phimai district in Nakhon Ratshasima province resorted to walk 300 km to reach their hometown.

Somkit Tothongkrang (48 years old) shared that they decided to walk home when hearing the news his mother was sick. He and his wife (47) planned that their journey would take 4 to 5 days.

Thai Couple Walk Home To See Sick Mom
This man and his wife have no money left for vehicle and food on the way.

Luckily, local rescue staff saw them walking on the road side and offered help.

The good Samaritans took them to a bus station in the province. The poor Thai couple were also given nearly $40 (3,000 rupees) so that they could catch a coach back to their hometown where the sick mother was waiting.

Back to our country, India has also witnessed countless cases of migrant workers walking home on hundred-kilometer journeys. Some have died on the roadside before reaching their hometown due to exhaustion while some others were crashed by train for sleeping on the railway.

Migrant Workers Walk Home
Migrant workers all over the world are suffering the same situation due to the pandemic hit.

With these scenes, hope the governments around the world would care more about the unemployed, especially those working far from home in cities. Please no one should be left behind in this fight against Covid-19!

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