This Man Got A Table-Sized iPhone After Buying It Online At A Very Cheap Price

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 26, 2021

When the package is delivered, the boy was left in shock as his expected iPhone is up to 1 meter in length.

While we’re no stranger to buying things online, a boy from Thailand had a bizarre incident when purchasing a smartphone from an e-commerce website. This dream phone turns out to be a coffee table that is 1 meter in length. The hilarious case cooked up the internet, keep scrolling for more details.

Iphone Table 750x394
A boy in Thailand placed an order for an iPhone and this is what he received!

A lucrative deal?

After learning how to purchase things online, a teenage boy in Thailand made one of his biggest deals when purchasing an iPhone from the internet. While the phone is being sold at around $600-700 in the store, the boy found a shop that offered the same product with only one-third of the normal price (around $200). The boy was overjoyed that he made the deal in no time and was tempted to get the phone in his hand.

However, when the package was delivered, he knew that something went wrong as he received a huge cardboard box which is 1 meter long. And what he received is not a smartphone as expected but an iPhone-shaped coffee table.

Iphone Table5
The boy received an iPhone-shaped table instead of a real one
Iphone Table3
He was shocked when receiving the package
Iphone Table2
His "iPhone" is up to 1-meter length, that is the reason why the shipping fee is higher than normal

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A sad and funny story at the same time

The boy, who was saddened for losing his money on a ridiculous table cannot stop laughing at himself. In fact, as the offer was so lucrative, he purchased the phone straight without checking the details of the item. Although the shipping fee is more costly than usual, there is not a single doubt in his mind when receiving the package. The boy took a few photos of his bizarre purchased item to his social media handle and the story went viral in no time.

the iPhone-shaped table is one an interesting product being sold on the internet

This is also a lesson to every people who want to buy items online. Apart from scams, you also need to check the details of your product carefully to avoid misunderstanding and wasting your money. In case you find some deal which is far cheaper than the usual price, check it carefully if you do not want to be in the same situation.

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